changing country and language in My Steinberg

Hello. There doesn’t seem to be any way of changing this. It would be really useful for many reasons.
Currency, language and correct address!

I bought cubase when I lived in Spain a while ago. I am Swedish and I now live in Sweden. I still would like to get my news, updates etc in ENGLISH and not SPANISH. I know I can change the language when I am on the actual site, but it always defaults to Spanish which is a pain, especially the newsletters which are always in Spanish.

How could this be changed?

What happens if you change the language in the forum settings?

I think the only way is by contacting Steinberg staff. (The forum and the my steinberg site do not interact. )

Yes, I contacted staff and they fixed it. It is not a forum issue. It would be better if you could change this yourself though.


Hi, I would like to change my country too. I am a Canadian and bought my Cubase in Toronto, but My Steinberg profile country listed as Indonesia, probably because I registered while I was touring there.
I know I can request country change through My Steinberg support, but all I get is the distributor list…


PM sent.

Same here! I sent my issue to Steinberg support, hope they can help.

Same issue here. I moved from Croatia to New Zealand 2 years ago and have no idea how to change a country. I also just get a distributor list and have no idea whom to ask.

Can someone please assist me with this?

Thank you!

We will update the system this year so that you can change the country of residence yourselves without having to contact the support.

And @Anazy , I have sent a pm to change the country.