Changing Cubase 13 title bar colour

Is it possible to change the title bar colour for all windows open in Cubase 13 , this is a bit of a mess with multi screen , I have the main screen Dark brown (active ) Mixer screen white (inactive ) screen 3 -Supervision (dark Brown) Control room ,white ,Mixer 2 dark brown , Remote App ,white
It looks a total mess , i know i can disable the focus colour in windows so they all appear white BUT can you change the colour from white to brown for all screens ?

Ive turned off the focus to give the title bars a bit of conformality BUT all this white looks a mess

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You should probably support this feature-request thread.

Chances are there is a way to change it in the registry. I believe that someone already figured it out for Studio One, which has the same problem. So maybe copy those steps?

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It seems Steinberg using it’s own title bar colour , i can turn off the focus colour but that’s it . Hack :
Regedit and edit the accent colour and add a 32 bit accent colour inactive and copy the colour from Accent colour yield zilt results with Cubase , it does with other programs , but not Cubase , that’s why ive asked

Solved with the Regedit Hack , i had spelt one word wrong , all bars are now the colour i wanted apart from Steinberg own bar

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Could you kindly share the source/information of the hack? Thx

Not sure if this is what you mean, are you looking for something like this?:

Here’s the way to do it in Windows 11:

Nope , it’s about making the active and inactive window’s title bars the same , no change in colour or minimal change in colour .
Steve explains it here perfectly well
Cubase 12 and windows 11 dark mode - Cubase - Steinberg Forums