Changing Font Size for D.S. markers or Segno Symbol

I’m trying to change the font size for my Segno marker (D.S. marker) since it’s very small by default and I’m sure players will miss it when looking for the D.S. in the moment.

I’ve gone through all the possible “Font Styles” and none of them seems to work. Changing the size of “Repeat Endings” font only changes the size of bracketed 1. and 2. endings.

Anyone know how to change the size of the Segno symbol?

See Segno is very teeny tiny - #4 by StevenJones01

Your best bet, given it’s specifically the segno signs that are too small, is:


Hello AceofSquids,
if you are talking only about this:

Schermata 2024-05-26 alle 09.30.40

Then you can edit its font size following these steps:

LibraryParagraph StylesRepeat marker Jumps

If you are referring also to this:

Schermata 2024-05-26 alle 09.33.22

LibraryParagraph StylesRepeat marker sections

If you don’t won’t to change the paragraph style and you need just an override, you can change the scale of the symbol by changing the Custom Scale value in the Properties (cmd/ctrl - 8).

Hope this helped.


Both solutions work! Thanks so much!