Changing midi channel

How is it possible to send a midi channel change (not using an expression map) to an instrument ?
(I searched this in the automation lane but I didn’t find)

You can’t do this except by using expression maps, Axel.

Oops :frowning:
So what have I to do to manage my numerous vstis using the multichannel paradigm for storing different sounds ? (e.g. Aria Player or even Halion sonic !)
Another case is Hauptwerk where different keyboards are associated to different midi channels and where I have to change the midi channel in order to emulate the corresponding keyboard change ?
Even if I can imagine to make an EM just for one midi channel change, how will I trigger the event ? Using the automation lane ?

You will need to use a playing technique that appears in the music itself (though it can be hidden), which is associated with a playback technique, which is then assigned in your expression map. A playback technique is the invisible glue that maps between a printed playing instruction in the music and the MIDI messages that are needed to execute that instruction for your particular playback device.

Please have a look at the Operation Manual topics on playing techniques, playback techniques and expression maps and hopefully it will start to make some sense.

For working with Hauptwerk, check out

Thanks Derrek. I know this post. But this way seems very complicated as I just need to send one midi channel change at a single position in my score. Isn’t there a simple method to achieve that ?

Thanks Daniel, I know that but this way seems very complicated to me as I just need to send one midi channel change at a single position in my score. When I want to send value 20 on cc3 I do this in a second in the controller lane without using PT, PT and EM… Is it really impossible to do the same for a midi channel change ?

Yes, I’m afraid there’s no way to add a MIDI channel change except via expression map.

What you could do is change voice at that point of the score. Then turn on independent playback routing (IRV) in play mode and route the voices to different midi channels.

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