Channel Strip Key Commands(and Generic Remote)


It would be a nice improvement in my workflow working with Generic Remote if I can switch on and off each strip of the channel strip via Key Command or Generic Remote. If I want a compressor, boom, just hit the Key command! It would save so many clicks to open de channel settings, click the Channel Strip Tab, Click the compressor to enable it. It would be nice too to have a Key Command (Generic remote) to switch between EQ tab and Channel Strip tab.
Also, please, ADD THE PRE SESSION to Generic Remote!!! I would love to change the Input Gain, HPF and LPF from my controler (without using Quick Control!!)


The generic remote needs a update.
-It is also slow work to setup the generic remote. For years I have just set it up by editing xml.
-It is also messy if you change some of the tools in the strip. No smart solution to bridge control settings.
So more controls needs to be adressed or controls need to be edited to work on the tool. This is a pita.

Im happy that I have Bome midi translator and can workaround some of these issues.
But it would be nice, having it all work inside Cubase.

I support your demand but i started a thread specifically to have THE PRE SESSION added to Generic Remote below. Cause it’s one request at a time they say. So please give your support.

Personally, I’d like to see everything in ch. setting available in generic remote.

+1 for pre gain remote