Charge iPhone 15 with Behringer UMC22 Interface

After going through several threads here, I’m still confused about how to connect my iPhone 15 (USB-C) to the Behringer interface (USB-A) and have the connection charge the phone.

This phone replaced an iPhone XR, which worked fine with the Apple Lightning camera kit. The phone charged as I worked with Cubasis.

Here’s my current (simple) setup:
UMC22 interface > powered USB-A hub > USB-A to USB-C cable > iPhone

I also have an external keyboard controller connected to the USB-A hub.

I bought an Anker Powerexpand Ethernet Hub per a few references in this forum - for example: IPad charge and data SOLUTION

…but I don’t see how this will charge the phone.

Sorry if I’m missing the obvious, but I need solution spelled out for me. If the Anker solves the problem, what the exact device chain? Otherwise, what should I buy and how should I connect?


Hi bluedave,
I have a 4 in 1 usb-c hub (photo) that has a hdmi/usb/headphones and usb-c port, this allows me to charge my iPad Air 4 and connect my headphones and a Anker 4 port powered hub that I connect my Alesis Multi8 mixer and midi keyboard (usb powered).
Connecting a power supply directly to the Anker hub does not charge my iPad, but connecting directly to the usb-c 4 in 1 hub powers both iPad and midi keyboard without issues.
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ha! Thank you Fixitmania53. After looking at the Amazon pictures of the Best Cable hub (slightly different product than the one you showed), I realized that the hub needed a power cable connected to it. This worked similarly with my Anker hub. It all creates a nest of cabling and devices but it’s now charging my phone and the data is flowing. Back to making music.

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