IPad charge and data SOLUTION

I have been searching for a very long time for a hardware solution to powering my iPad and SSL 2+ for midi and audio, at the same time.

I Found It!

You have to use USB A - C cables, but it works. Had is a couple of weeks so far, and it’s great. Hope this helps others :slight_smile:

I’ve been using the Anker 6 in 1 for several years. It is truly excellent!

When I’m mixing, I’ve been able to use a large display and plug my X Touch control surface into one of the USB A ports on the Anker. It’s fantastic!

I have been using this neat little hub from Amazon for ages and it only cost me £19.99. Apple instantly recognises it as soon as I plug it directly into the usb-c port on my iPad Air 4, admittedly it doesn’t have as many inputs as the Anker USB Hub (above), but it does have the important requirements ie, USB, HEADPHONES, CHARGING and HDMI