Check this out!

I friend of mine put this up on Facebook. I’ve never seen Jimi playing bass before,
and never knew he played with Johnny Winter. I’m thinking that’s Buddy Miles on drums?
Great shot, eh? :sunglasses:

Anybody can play the bass because it’s not a real instrument

That’s not the real Jimi Hendrix either. That’s Colin Hendrix who worked as a lookalike.

I’m sorry about yesterday, Ulf. I should know better than to challenge your ‘facts’.
Friends? :slight_smile:

Yeah. Right. He’s even got Jimi’s -fingers-.

Jeff Skunk Baxter and Stephen Stills also played with them at this gig.
The drummer was Dallas Taylor.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Look down … somebody is pulling your leg! :wink:

BTW you really think I’d try such a lameass girlie retaliation you just dreamed up? I’m dissappointed :confused:

But I’ll forgive you, since you’re just a bass player! :mrgreen:

Wow…and he’s also left-handed too! What a lucky coincidence! :laughing:

My drummer and I drove Johnny Thunders through the bowels of Frisco in 1979 to score dope.
(We didn’t do dope - we did everything else) Does that count? :mrgreen:

Spiral Starecase, about 1969 or so

Actually, you do. Azlbrax (Ian Bruce-Douglas) partied with Hendrix; Jimmi gave Ian a Strat as a gift

I’ve seen the pics :laughing:

Steve Marriot only gave me a pack of Luckys.

I was invited to the after party, but I had no wheels. You try getting around Sacramento without wheels!

Not really. he was designed that way :slight_smile:

Although Colin does have some differences with the real thing. He is still alive for starters. He now lives in Rhode Island with his devoted mother and spends most of his time knitting armadillo jackets.


He drums right-handed… :open_mouth:

Cool line-up! :sunglasses:

Yeah, 'cause he’s really Harry Hendrix, Jimi’s cousin and he is right handed.


Another cousin , Oliver Ulf Charles Hendrix ( OUCH ) who was ambidextrous , but only helped out at soundchecks .

A little known fact about Harry Hendrix was that he had a pet hamster called Neville who he used to take on gigs dressed as a fireman. That’s Neville btw. Not Harry.

Also Jeff Skunk Baxter was actually called Jeff Perfume Baxter. But his PR company refused to allow that to become public knowledge as it was considered not good for his manufactured image of being a macho rocker.