Chord Appearance + Component Dialog. Delete Diagram components. Missing Appearance + Overrides list

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I’m working with the Chord Diagrams, more precisely (Making a book for my Young Guitar students).

1a. How to delete single Chord Diagram Components?:

1b. How to delete already stored Graphics?:

  1. Comparing my Diagram by the Diagram in the Manual, seem that in my are missing some functions on the left? Manual Diagram screen shot, How can I get them:

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You can’t normally delete individual chord symbol components, I’m afraid. I can’t honestly remember whether Dorico cleans up components that are not referenced by individual chord symbols automatically when you reopen the project, but it might.

Similarly, you can’t delete graphics at the moment. But they do no harm, except for appearing in that list as you show.

Finally, the dialog you show in your third picture is the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearances dialog, which you can find via the button at the very bottom of the Chord Symbols page of Engraving Options.

Thank You…

I’m doing a book for my young students.
If there will be a lot of graphics and Chord components, for about 100, or even 200, Do You think Will be problem?

For now, by the number of 10 is working.
Need to know, to avoid, that near the end of the book, will the program stop doing some thing, or not able fill any more the storage of graphic and chord component.

The whole process started, because, I have to put Scale Diagrams above the staff.
But Dorico can write only chord, by one finger on each string.

So I put Scale Diagrams in the graphics.
It will bee a lot of them.

Or it is some other way to display Scale Diagrams, like Chord Diagrams in the way that they are attached to one note, and move with it, when layout will be changed?


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You might find it easiest to add your scale diagrams as playing techniques rather than chord symbols. You can add them via Engrave > Playing Techniques.

Works Better.
Thank You.

Just to let You know, It is possible to clean Chord symbol componetns.
In top right corner appear foggy trash ikon.
But some strange bugs happens. Sometimes clean, sometimes not, Even crash the program.

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I have seen what I think is a similar situation in the symbol editor dialog. The trash icon is sometimes disabled when something is selected that should be deletable. I try a few things and later I can delete the item. I can chase down more specifics if that would be helpful.

Hi and Thanks.
If would be no problem for You, Yes thank You.
The strange thing is also, that I delete the component, colose de dialog, but when reopening it, its again there. Sometimes Yes, sometimes no.


I have found (in the Edit Accidental dialog) that if I duplicate an item, work on it a bit and then change my mind and Cancel, the new item is still there in the list. I might then try to delete the original, not realizing there are now two. So it seemed as if Deleting did not work, when in fact it was Cancelling that didn’t do what I expected. I don’t know if this might explain your experience at all, but there it is.