Chord Pad Drag'n'Drop?

Noob Question: I’ve been learning about the Chord pads and their powerful features. This has the potential to be a big time-saver over hand-editing my chords like I did in my previous DAW.

But how do I add these chords to my composition to edit them? If I drag and drop them onto my track it creates 1-measure “chunks” instead of putting them all in the same section. So when I click on the track to open it in the Key Editor, it selects only 1 measure . . .

…whereas if I hand-edit my chords they’re all in the same section so clicking the track gets all of them. . .

If I hold down the shift key as I click on the “chunks” from the Chord Pads to select all the 1-measure “chunks” so I can see them all in the Track Editor it still only privileges one of them with the black-and-white key piano roll graphic . . .

How do I drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste the chords onto my track so it’s like I hand-edited them there, i.e., so they’re all in the same section for editing?

Thanks in advance.

PS - Terminology Question - what are separately-selectable “chunks” in the track called?

PPS - When I drag-and-drop a chord onto a track it’s always one measure. I’d like to make shorter chords; how do I set the width of the chord that gets dropped?


First draft and drop the Chords to the project, where you want to place them (what you did already). Then use the Glue tool to Glue the MIDI Parts with the Chords together.

Really appreciate your interest in the terminology, thank you for this! We call them MIDI Parts.

The only way is to shorten the MIDI Bored after the drag and drop in the Key Editor.

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Thank you for this information, Martin; it was very helpful. The only one I didn’t understand was . . .

I looked up “MIDI bored” and got no hits so I suspect there’s a translation issue. In this thread “Ernst” says the manual explains a way to do it, but I can’t find it: chord pad, drag to project window, set the length/duration


I’m sorry, autocorrection was working for me.

I meant to shorten the MIDI Notes in the Key Editor.