Chord Pad question - Can't change key and set major/minor (or modes)

Yesterday I downloaded the trial for Cubase 13, and I am exploring it. I started using Cubase in version 12 - I am new to it, coming from Studio One and Pro Tools. I was keen on trying v13, specially because of the new improved chord pads. I am used to Scaler - that is fantastic - but I would love to use something completely integrated to the DAW, even if not so fully featured.

In chord pads, I spent hours trying to change the Default preset root key from C minor to C major (it was showing the first degree as C minor). I just wanted to change the key from C minor to C major in the chord pads. I watched several tutorials and read the manual - but couldn’t find a way. I tried to change the project key but I also couldn’t find a way - as we do in Studio One and Pro Tools. I know it is possible to change the key in the chord track, but I didn’t find a global default song key.

Please, is there a way to change the key (at least major/minor) of the song in chord pads and/or the default song key and mode (major/minor)?

I found a workaround by creating a new preset for major keys and dragging all the chords from the circle of fifths after setting there the correct key - it works. Later you can transpose the whole set of pads up and down and it works fine. But at least it should have a selection of the root note (C, C#, D, D#, etc.) and the scale mode (or at least major, minor).

Am I doing something wrong? I am new to Cubase.

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Hi - if you right click anywhere on the top menu just under the traditional File, Edit, Project, etc… menu (the one where you select your current tool) and ensure “Project Root Key” is checked

Then you will see this dropdown
From here just pick your key
Hope that helps.

@reticulatedpython Thank you!! That is a start! Now I just need to set the type of scale, i.e., major, minor, etc. ? Do you know where that can be done?

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Glad the first bit helped, I have looked a mode identifier myself and never come to a solid conclusion other than Cubase has not got a way to mark a project in this? The question mark comes from the fact that even tthe poster saying this was unsure. Sorry but if you do find out, please let me know too. Thanks.

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Unfortunately there don’t seem to be preset for modes in Cubase 13 for chord pads.
It is awesome that you already took the step of creating a C major scale preset yourself and that you recognized that you can transpose that to any other key.

For creating the other presets I’d like to refer you to this thread and post:

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@Johnny_Moneto Thank you! I guess I wasted so much time just because I thought there was a way to make it automatically. But honestly, it is not hard to just make my own set of chords - for a given key and mode. But indeed it would make life easier if it had presets already made. I believe this can be a litle bit harder for beginners in music theory. I believe this concludes this thread as all questions have been answered. Thank you so much to you and to @reticulatedpython.