Chord symbol alterations - size of

Is there an option to have the numbers and accidentals used in chord symbol alterations (that is, anything beyond seventh chords) appear as regular-sized, baseline items? I’m unable to find one within Engraving Options/Chord symbols.

Upon printout, for example, the " #5 " within this chord symbol is almost illegible:


Because it’s so small, I would rather see this chord symbol notated as “Bb7#5” – that is, with the “#5” alteration showing as the same size as the “7” that precedes it.

Along the same lines, where might one find the place to change the default size of a project’s chord symbols – if that’s in fact possible?


All these settings can be found under Engraving Options/Chord Symbols. One thing to realize is that Dorico uses a smaller sharp glyph for settings of 75% and under, and another larger one for 76% and over. Personally I find the larger one more legible so you may want to set your Options to 76% or higher to trigger the larger glyph. That’s the smaller <76% one in the image you posted:

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Thank-you, FredGunn!! There’s no way I would have found this on my own!
I really appreciate your help!

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