Chord symbols - size of "m" for "minor"

Hi, can someone remind me, please. How do I change the size of the “m” symbol in all chord symbols such as Am, Am7, etc.

In Engrave mode > Font Styles, there is just over Chord Symbols Font and Music Text font. It seems there should be more options here, or is the option somewhere else?


Thanks, @Italyuser . I finally worked out that you were showing me a link to an old answer.

Wow, what a well-hidden feature. I have no idea how you would find this by searching the manual, or learn about it other than in a forum such as this.

I note that this seems to work only within the current project, and must be repeated for all projects. I think.

It also doesn’t appear to work “globally” for lots of other symbols, which still must be done one at a time.

Here’s what @dspreadbury said some time ago…

"Open the Engraving Options dialog, go to the Chord Symbols page, and scroll to the very bottom, and click ‘Edit’ to open the Project Default Chord Symbol Appearance dialog.

In the dialog that appears, enter a minor chord in the box at the top-left corner of the dialog, e.g. Cm. Click the + button and you’ll see the chord symbol shown in the main editor area on the right. Select the “m” sign component of the chord symbol in the editor. The “m” sign component will also be shown as selected in the grid of components below the editor. Click the pencil icon to edit this component.

A second dialog opens: in here you can edit the appearance of the "m" sign to be however you want it to look, e.g. increase its scale factor, or use a different font character.

Confirm this dialog and its parent. Now whenever you have a minor chord, it will use your edited component."

no, you just have to do this once.
Then use your current project as a starting point for new projects.
Remove all flows and use this as a “template” for starting new projects.

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Hello, can I ask You if You know how to delete the chord the single Chord Diagram Components and stored Graphics?:

Thank You.

Following on from this issue, closely related…

I’m using the triangle shape to indicate the Major 7th chord. Shouldn’t I be able to change the size of all the triangle shapes in the project with one action, using the same procedure as changing the “m” for minor outline by Daniel @dspreadbury above?

It seems logical. But it doesn’t work. Following the same procedure only changes the chord selected, e.g. all Cmaj7, but not Fmaj7.

Surely, all symbols should be able to be easily changed, across the whole project, as easily as the minor-chord symbol.

Perhaps these facilities should be in Engraving Options, where there are already lots of sizing options, but often not the ones I need!

Apologies for posting first in an older thread, but now here are my latest findings:

I wanted to change the appearance of a m6/9 chord.
Following Daniels’ procedure I started with a chord entered in the dialog at Gm69.
That gave me starting point of Gm6(add9)
I rearranged that to look like Gm(96), the 9 above the 6 and both enclosed by long brackets.

I then found that this didn’t transfer to other chords in the project, so I needed to create the same modification for Em69.

Afterwards, I found that these modifications are applied in new scores, but dependent on how the chord symbol is entered after Shift-Q.

This is a brand new empty score from Dorico defaults with only minimal formatting to make it more readable:

When entered as 6 before 9, the two chords that I modified in a previous project are shown in the modified format (regardless of brackets or slashes). A chord with a root (B) that I didn’t
modify is shown in the previous unmodified format.

Switching 9 and 6 in the chord entry produces variable results depending on the brackets and/or slashes in chord entry.

I think we’ve reached the point where we need input from the dev. team as to what is intended behavior.

… he says, fishing for a hint about what’s coming in version 4.