Chord Track Mute and Unmute operates with a delay


I’ve found out that the Chord Track exhibits a buggy behavior when using its mute button, depending on the sequence order with the transport :

  • When the Chord Track is active/playing, if we press Stop, then Mute the Chord Track, and press Play again, the Chord Track will still play the chords during the next 800 ms time frame.

  • Now continuing from the bug above, if we press Stop, Unmute the Chord Track, then press Play, the chords now just won’t play during that same time frame, so it’s the same thing but the other way around.

  • The second part also happens without triggering the first bug. Start from the first part, but instead of pressing Play, just move the Cursor somewhere else, Unmute the Chord Track, then only now press Play.

  • The same happens during playback, every time we put the Chord Track out of Mute state, it will ignore the chords during those next 800 ms. The expected behavior is that there is no delay and the chords play right away…

With respect, here’s an example of a simple-to-understand bug report. Reports like this have a higher likelihood of being added to the database by a forum user who can do so, because they are quick and easy to confirm. The point is, ideally, the tester or dev should be able to confirm the issue in a short time, without having to do other analysis or to decipher the report.

Chord track Mute and Unmute operates with a delay when transport commands are sent


  1. new project, new chord track, new instrument track, load a piano, and record-arm the (instrument) track.
  2. add chords to chord track, set routing to “Use Monitored Tracks”
  3. Hit Play
  4. Hit Stop
  5. mute chord track
  6. hit play
    ->Observe that chords are not muted until a second or so passes
    Note that the behavior occurs in reverse too.
  • unmute chord track
  • hit play
    ->delayed audio

Thanks for taking the time to investigate the issue. Does that mean you confirm the behavior on your system ?

I will try to make easier to understand repro sequences to spare you the trouble.
Although sometimes there’s a lot of details to give other than the main repro sequence, or that the issue can be reproduced in many different ways, so a full text explanation cannot really be avoided.


I only meant what I actually said, nothing else. I leave it to you to remove or edit your post if you like.

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