Cinematique Instruments - need license upgrade

Is there any plan to upgrade Guitar Harmonics and Alto Glockenspiel (both by Cinematique Instruments) to new Steinberg licensing system?


That request/concern echoed here. Had a bad this weekend without the dongle when I couldn’t get my various Cinematiques going in a last-second pinch 200 miles out of town!

So close… yet so far on this transition.



Thanks for info.
Seems they work 24/7. Nice!

All is okay, but the pain is that they don’t upgrade Halion 6 to new licensing system. This is a push to buy Halion 7.

I have no problem with that-- am enjoying Halion 7 much more than 6, and the upgrade cost was tiny. I just wish the instruments got upgraded with the app!


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It’s a fight between “I need” and “I can buy”.

Hi All. We are planning to transition all the libraries from eLicenser to Steinberg Access Management. It just takes time, as there is some manual labour involved. After all, a licensing system change is more something done every 20 years or so, I hope not more often :sweat_smile:
We want to get over this by the end of the year, hopefully. So please be patient and bear with us until it is all done.


Can we assume that Halion 6 also included in “all libraries” you mentioned or it’s not library and we never get it away from dongle?

As you likely know, Philippe is referring to content, not applications.

Sadly, but it’s true :frowning:

@Philippe_Bono then maybe somehow we can get rid of that annoying startup message every time we start Cubase? Or the only way is to uninstall Cinematique Instruments?

HALion 6 will keep requiring the dongle. Your dongle will keep working as long as the driver works on your computer.

Cinematique Instruments doesn’t require Halion 6. It was working with HSSE3 too.

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Philippe, and so what? Do you mean that if I’ll upgrade Halion to 7, the Cinematique Instruments also will be upgraded?

Negative. The Cinématique instruments are awaiting the transition. So regardless of whether you’re using Halion 6 with the dongle or Halion 7 without the dongle, you’ll still need the dongle for Cinematique stuff until those instruments work with Steinberg licensing.

The difficulty of getting it all done is not overlooked here. But that doesn’t keep me from wishing they’d make the transition. :innocent:



Sorry for beeing unclear.
As long as we did not update the content, you will need a dongle in any case. Even with HALion 7 or HALion Sonic 7.
Once the content has been updated, and you load it into either HALion Sonic SE 3 (only latest version), HALion Sonic 7 or HALion 7, it will run dongle free using Steinberg Activation Manager.

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It’s easier to uninstall CI libraries, forget about them and their beautiful sound and use another library that don’t need year for transition and works on already established licensing system.

If I compose music, I need amenity in workflow and from developers of the tools I use. If something in this chain fails, someone is to blame. Why? Every year I pay for upgrades.


But someone cannot prepare job to offer result at once, not for two year’s long waiting.

Am I rude? Maybe. But it’s not my fault.

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Horse feathers.

Arthur is correct. Having a product fail because of someone else’s shortsightedness is unacceptable.

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Thank you very much for the update & news.
Links used and it worked, now both are on SAM and activated.

Now waiting for Basic Suite FX.
Is there a plan to transfer Halion Sonic Content to SAM?