Circular frame advice

Hello and great new year to all.
Today I’m trying to achieve a circular frame for text.
Is it possible?
I attach an example showing S and T enclosed in a circular frame.
Thanks for any advice :wink:

Your best bet would be to use a font that displays those characters natively.


Rehearsal marks can have circles around them. I think it’s a global change, so you can’t mix different formats in one project.

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Thanks Dan, your suggestion seems to be the only one suitable now.
However I think this may be a request for the future Dorico version, the possibility to choose between the already present square frame and a circular text frame.

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Though it would likely require dedicated glyphs, not simply enclosures. In the example you posted, the circle is really close to the boundaries of the glyph. I’m not sure an enclosure could accomplish this same compact result.

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I’ve seen that one and like it a lot, but I’ve been unable to find one that’s serif.

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I know we are looking for letters, but here are some circle numbers fonts as well.

This won’t win any points for style… but it is serif.

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I actually like that one.

I just remembered I have this one, and I’ve used it satisfactorily for projects in the past, mostly liturgical stuff. (I do have permission from the font creator to share it)

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Thanks very much for trying to help me, I appreciate for all your time spent to help me.
I learn every day from each one a lot of useful thinks.

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