Clarification re dsp fx and vst basic fx suite

Hi all;

I’d been awaiting the transition for the basic fx suite (RevX reverb, morphing channel strip, etc.) so I can go dongle-free, as this is the last item that my system requires the dongle.

Cubase Pro 13 and UR816c.

In a thread closed recently, the claim is made that in order to use these fx, the dongle is not required. Using the hardware dsp fx in the UR816c means the fx neither knows nor cares whether there is a license, as it is going through the hardware. And yet… If I unplug the dongle, and open a Cubase project and try to add Rev X reverb, it tells me that it cannot find the license.

And yet, if I continue to keep the dongle unplugged and load up the dsp mix fx mixer… you’re right. Everything is there - morphing channel strip, reverbs, etc.

How can I access these in Cubase as part of my mixing without having the dongle installed?


Just to add…

Kept dongle unplugged. I can access the Rev X reverbs, morphing channel strip, etc. from the UR816 panel on the input bus within Cubase.

What I can’t do is use them as insert plugins in the mixer in Cubase.

Is there a solution for that?


Unfortunately not, the thread I posted 11 months ago got closed without a timeline when this will be resolved…

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The VST plugins with the same functionality as the hardware dsp effects need a license. The hardware calculates the effects in the dsp. To use this as an insert, you need to send the signal to the hardware, process it there and send it back to the project.
You need to configure external FX for it.

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That’s what I figured. What a ridiculous and cumbersome way of having to work in this day and age.

I guess I keep the dongle and keep waiting for Steinberg to switch this over to their Steinberg licensing.


That’s the thing, when you rely on hardware effects.
There are thousands of plugins available that can replace the BasicFX suite.
And some of them are free.

So just to be very clear for an idiot like me who has just ordered aUR44C…the reverb can be used as comfort verb whilst tracking a vocal without any licence issues…Yes?
thanks for any reply.

Yes, exactly, that’s what it made for. It happens in the hardware.

Thank you…


And the VST plugin versions are fantastic. It’s just that they’re among the last Steinberg plugins that still have not been migrated to the new authentication system and still require the dongle.

Or a Soft-eLicenser.

Oh?! I didn’t know that.

How do I transfer it to the soft elicenser?


You can’t do that. A license can be transferred from Soft to USB-eLicenser, but not the other way around. Once a license is on the USB, it’s there for good (unless switched to the new Steinberg Licensing).

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That’s what I was afraid of. Thanks, though!


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