[Closed] Unable to enter Side Stick in default drum sets in Dorico

I have checked this article:
Inputting notes on a drum set (steinberg.help)

However, the side stick doesn’t exist in both newly-created projects and my currently-working project. Both the basic drums and full drums are tried.

Here’s how I repeated this issue on a vanilla VMware macOS instance (US English keyboard layout):

And here’s the same test on a VMware Windows 7 instance:
(OS Language is Traditional Chinese with US Keyboard.)

At this moment the only workaround I found is to add a “Snare 2” and make sure it only has sidestick notation. This also activates the sidestick notation (i.e. it becomes selectable and usable by alt+arrow keys) of the “Snare 1”. Then we can notate the sidesticks to the Snare 1.

Hi Shiki.
I was just curious to see what this all was about, so I took two minutes to try it.
New project. New player>Drum kit (basic)
Write mode : I input what’s there.

The side stick is there. So I honestly don’t know what has happened to you.
In any case, it would be only a matter of adding that technique in the Edit Percussion playing techniques window (you can see on the picture that the side stick is there, fourth playing technique available for snare).

By default, by using alt+arrow to navigate through tones I can’t see any result of side stick for Snare 1… unless I added the Snare 2 and did what I said above.

But have you opened the snare Edit percussion playing technique window to see what was already set up? If the side stick is setup, then it’s a user mistake, if you’re not able to write it. So you should try and find what’s wrong in your workflow. I mean, I really used the basic drum kit and it took me two minutes to see everything is as it should. Please try harder?

IIRC There are two drum sets offered, a basic set and a full set.

They both contain the side stick technique for snare drum.



@ShikiSuen, what are you doing differently?

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Exactly as what you are doing but the side stick is just missing.

Both sets are tested.

I suggest you drop a drum set into an empty project, throw in a few notes and upload the project here so we can take a look at it.

Here’s how I repeated @pianoleo 's steps (and the results):
Dorico DrumSet SideStick Issue - YouTube

Have you altered your note input shortcuts for regular pitched instruments? The Alt-Up/Down shortcuts within percussion input are (IIRC) dependent on the same commands as used for regular pitched input.

I only altered CMD+Y to CMD+SHIFT+Z which is the standard key supposed for ALL applications on macOS to perform the “undo” operation. (Ctrl+Y is understandable as a tradition followed by Windows apps in recent decades, but CMD+Y is bull****.)

Please confirm that your Raise Pitch by Step key command looks like this:

What’s your default playback template? NotePerformer or anything else?

That’s irrelevant.

I forgot to say that both my mac mini and my macbook pro can repeat this issue.

The thing that’s puzzling me is that Alt-Up/Down shouldn’t switch up and down instruments within the kit at all - that should only be possible from the caret with Up/Down (no Alt).

Is Alt/Option working correctly for other things within Dorico? Is another application possibly stealing it? Does the right Alt key work the same way? Are you running a keyboard layout that doesn’t match the keyboard layout that’s set by the operating system, or within Dorico Preferences?

All I can tell you is that Marc - on a French keyboard - is seeing the same thing that I - on a UK English keyboard - am seeing. There has to be something specific about your setup that’s causing the issue.

Mine is the US keyboard which is used in Chinese-speaking countries / regions and the US.

(You may see Chinese “bopomofo” phonetic symbols printed on Traditional Chinese keyboard, but its layout is physically and functionally the same to the US keyboard. The keycap prints are helping those users who are bad to memorize phonetic key mappings.)