Closing 'In Place Editor'

I could be missing something obvious here, but my custom key command to open to the In Place Editor doesn’t work when closing it.

I can close it using the button or double-clicking underneath the controller lane as the manual describes, but the key command doesn’t work.

Is this a big or am I doing something wrong?

Which keys did you assign to “Edit In-Place”?
The built-in Ctrl+Shift+I did/does work?

Yes, the default key commands should open and close the In Place Editor.

FWIW, I set a key command for ‘Edit/Edit In-Place’ as ‘9’ : i did so, because I needed an only one key stroke, as I use it often, and it opens AND closes the Edit In-place editor without glitches.

Aloha guys,

Since it was it was first introduced I have always had a problem closing the IPE.

So much so, I have stopped using it.

Maybe it’s a Mac problem :confused: . Don’t know, but the defined key command in my previous post works flawlessly…

“edit in place” key command works perfect here opening and closing

Yes, working here too…

I think it must be a Mac bug then, I’ve restored the original key commands and it made no difference, it doesn’t work with the iPad controller app either.

I on’t think it’s a Mac only bug as it’s working OK here as well.

ONLY works with command “im kontext bearbeiten” not with “open inplace editor”.

You have both of those in your Key Commands window?

yes, both … :confused:

im kontext bearbeiten is the German translation for in-place-editor. What are you smoking, and can I have some?

I’ve got fire! :slight_smile:

What language version are you using? I assumed German version

There’s no Edit in-Place here on Mac. If you’re on Windows maybe it’s different.

Anyway, it’s a non-issue, since you found the right command. Right?

Maybe post in

don´t mind … I was talking to jonwright


this thread has talked me into trying to use it again.
I’ll give it a shot.

What is the default Mac key command(s) to close the darn thing?

TIA (thanks in advance)

Tough sell!

same as to open it, command-shift-I