Closing Nuendo/Cubase destroys Mixer Channel Banks in MIDI Remote


Looking at the discussions I will try here as well.
I created a test project with 100 audio tracks (empty).
For my Hammer 88 Pro (with 9 volume faders) I created a surface script with the mapping assistant.
I assigned 7 faders to random channels (see attached project) and all is working fine!
Even closing project, open again: no problems.
Until I close Nuendo, restart it and open the project again.
The Bank that had 100 channels now has only 7 (the number of used faders) and those faders now point to the wrong channels.
ILAI (it looks as if) Nuendo (Cubase?) does some housekeeping at closing time.
Anyways, I am very enthusiastic about the possibilities of this new tool.
Does anyone have a clue?

Thank youfor any pointers into the right direction,


I’ll try to upload 3 files: the good and the bad json, and also the npr.
MIDI Remote Test.npr (3.7 MB)
M-Audio_Hammer 88 PRO_970E6CFC755BA534B87645454873487D_globalmappings THISONEISOKjson.xml (12.8 KB)
M-Audio_Hammer 88 PRO_970E6CFC755BA534B87645454873487D_globalmappingsWRONGjson.xml (12.8 KB)

Hi @karel_broekhuis , it’s a design thing here. MR removes unused bank-channels. I understand that this corrupts your mapping strategy. I will think about a compromise solution. Thanks for sharing!

Hallo @Jochen_Trappe,

Thank you for your reaction.
Meanwhile I found a better way to use the tool.

I am referring to my own reaction at the bottom.

So: No more problems for me.

Best regards,