Color multiple channels - still not working?

Hey guys,

I thought I found out how to do it, select multiple channels and change color pressing alt+shift, but now it’s not working at all.

I found this thread:

I know it’s not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to do it, is it still not working? I’m using CB10.5

Thanks in advance

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

Can you describe what you are doing step by step so someone else can try to reproduce what you are doing.

And yes you can change the Color of multiple Tracks.

Color Tracks

Hey Raino

I do the exact same thing that you do! And it only changes one track:

(it changes the track on which I first clicked, before dragging to select multiple tracks)

Do you press anything on the keyboard while doing so?


I don’t understand dragging to Select Tracks. When I drag on a Track it moves its position in the track list and does not select additional Tracks.

I clicked to select the 1st Track and shift+click for the rest of the selection. Then just choose a Color from the pallet - no shift, control, etc. involved.

Sorry my bad, I didn’t mean drag, I just clicked with shift like you did.

So I did exactly what you did and it’s not working

Another bug to the long list

Thanks for trying to help anyhow

Make sure you do not have ANY events selected, just the tracks.

In your video SC Trigger is selected, that’s why coloring the tracks fails.

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the problem with selected events is not that obvious… it drives me nuts to color tracks in Nuendo/Cubase 11
it’s sometimes not working as expected

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Yes, I too fall for it about 73% of the time. I wish there was some way for the action to be completed anyway. I don’t know, paint everything selected, or paint the majority of the objects selected (if 7 tracks and 3 events are selected, paint the tracks), or something!

Most of the times I sit there and keep clicking like a dumb@$$ and wonder why the colors don’t stick, until I finally remember to check if something is selected somewhere.

same same…

I sometimes tend to colorize events rather than trying too long to colorize the tracks

Hey thanks I tried your suggestion, no selected events, still it colors only one track:

I don’t understand how for some people it works and for other it doesn’t
I’m using CB10.5 btw

Eh, that’s puzzling. Can you give the command “Select None” before trying again? You don’t have Auto Select Events under Cursor enabled, perchance? What happens when you try to color the tracks from the toolbar at the top, just to the left of snap to zero crossing?

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Oh right, from the toolbar at the top it’s working!
Now it all makes sense because I remembered that once I managed to color multiple tracks but couldn’t replicate it.
So you’re right, it will only work if there are no events selected (otherwise it colors the event itself), and for me I have to use the toolbar at the top
Thank you very much!

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Alright! :clap:t3:

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