Color setup in Cubase 9.5

Is there a video about the new color setup in Cubase 9.5?
I think the user manual is just about the worse manual I have ever read!
Why is the colors limited??? When I select a color in the "User Interface Custom-Colors, I can’t select colors freely! Why??
Why isn’t it mentioned in the relevant sections how can it be changed? :blush: :cry: :imp:
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welcome to (.xml) hell…

I agree about the Cubase Operations manual. The Cubase manuals are and always have been terrible. Overly complex, massive, impossible to read through and gain a view of Cubase workings. Far too much detail forced on the reader …needs overview sections then options for users to go deeper if required. Terms and concepts are not properly explained. People want straight forward procedures, not a massive technical expose.
Despite many many complaints about the poor quality of their documentation, Steinberg has refused to do anything.
Operations Manual usability score = 0/10, ie: a fail.