Coloring Notes and Events according to channel

Hi there!
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I have recorded a midi track with some notes.
created another midi track and copied some of the notes from the previous midi track to the new midi track and recorded some notes as well…
when I tried to differenciate the notes according to channel I realised that the notes copied from the different midi channel remained the same color as in the original midi, that means I do have 2 colors in one midi track! and only the one midi track is selected! so I do not have selected both! just one
see attached

This seems to be a bug, right? midi notes should be in the same color within the same midi channel, right?


No, it’s not a bug. Any MIDI Message could use own MIDI Channel. If you use MIDI Channel Any on the track, then the MIDI Channel of the every single MIDI Message is used. If you set dedicated MIDI Channel on the track, then the MIDI Channel of every single MIDI Message is overwritten by the track settings.

what? are you sure this is not a bug? :smiley: a do not have “any” selected as a midi channel…I do have selected appropriate midi channel… see attached

and if this is not a bug but a feature than shame on you! cubase! because it useless shit to have 2 different colors in one midi channel, right? the whole purpose of this shit would be destroyed. how would you want to compare it according to channel if one channel has 2 different colors, one of those color the same as another track? :smiley: seems to be valid, lol


I’m 100% sure.

What?! Please, learn and understand the system, first.

No, it’s not. The MIDI Messages have (as you can see by the colors) 2 different MIDI Channels.

If you open the data of track 1, and select the MIDI Message, I’m sure, you will see, the Channel is set to 1. Once you open the data of the track 2, I’m sure, you will see the Channel is set to 2. So, there MIDI Messages itself are using 2 different MIDI Channels. What you can see in the Key Editor and also the color coding.

As written above, the MIDI Channel of the MIDI Messages is later overwritten by the tracks’ MIDI Channel. Therefore the out of the track is at the same MIDI Channel.

yeah…super cool feature…now I need to be aware of another shit when copying midi data from channel to channel! cool! lol…not to mention that I need to manually change every fucking note to its correct value now! wow! I’m so fucking impressed!

btw I have seen a tons of tuts for cubase and I have never seen a single human to use different midi channels inputs within one midi channel, so who is this “feature” for? this is a ridiculous nonsense!


Why? If the MIDI Channel of the MIDI track is set to dedicated value, you don’t have to take care.

For example for the backward compatibility to SMF0.

I’m not sure you know what you are talking about. Different midi channels within one midi channel?
Many people use one TRACK with multiple midi channels in it. If you download a general midi 0 sing it will be on one track.

Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or necessary. Why on earth are you having to change every note. What are you doing? I have never had to change anything due to the colour of notes.

when I copied notes from “oboe” midi channel to “flute” midi channel cubase obviously starts playing oboe from flute midi channel, even though master midi track was set to 7 which is my"flute" midi channel, because every midi note has it’s own “local” midi channel information…and I wasn’t aware of that! so…I had to change the midi channel data for every note copied from the oboe channel, got it?
I don’t think so, lol

would you be so kind and elaborate on this one a little bit further please? how to set a track to dedicated value? I’m not sure what you are talking about… a simply copy&pasted midi notes from track to track like I used to do years before never realised that midi channel information remain the same from original midi channel…
only find it out when I tried to color the tracks to see each line.


This is, what you should understand… You are not copying from MIDI Channel to MIDI Channel. You are copying from MIDI Track to a MIDI Track. That’s something different.

I’m afraid, you don’t, sorry.

Please, read more in the manual here

It works the very same way for decades already.

Again, every single MIDI Message contains the MIDI Channel information (this is part of MIDI Specification). In Cubase, in one MIDI Track and MIDI Part, you can use MIDI Messages with all MIDI Channels. (Again, MIDI specification allows this.) If you want to overwrite the MIDI Channels of all MIDI Messages within the MIDI Track at once, you can se the dedicated MIDI Channel on the track level, in the Inspector of the track.

yeah…midi channel is not a midi track…silly me! :smiley: of course I do have set my dedicated value correctly…but even though copied midi notes within the midi track remains in different color…OK…they are not playing oboe…they are playing flute…but they are in different color anyways…I need to change them manually that is all I’m trying to say…and I still consider it as a bug…or a very unfortunate feature…simply need to change local midi for all of the copied notes to have them in same color even though they are in the same midi track with global midi channel set to specific value (not any)…hopefully this was understandable…if not then f*** it…

That’s not a bug and not really a problem. I’m not even sure why you have to change anything if it plays the right instrument which it will if aimed at the right instrument.


Yes, because the color shows the color of the MIDI Event/Message. Not the output MIDI Channel.

to be able to compare it according to channel? :smiley:

where the hell i stated this? I was talking about NOTES within the midi track…not midi track itself, jeeez…


Isn’t it better to show the color of the Part for your use case? Do you use unique color for every single track (then the MIDI Part follows the color of the track)? So you would see every single instrument with own color in the Key Editor. Isn’t this what you want to achieve?

yes…it is a possible solution…but anyways! it still applies what I said at the beginning… if I would want to compare tracks according to midi channel outputs I would have to set correct midi output for every single midi note copied from different midi track! I hope we can agree that it is not a very fortunate solution, right?


The Key Editor just don’t know about the MIDI Channel output (from the Inspector). So it doesn’t make sense at all to compare the Output MIDI Channels in the Key Editor.

this is useless :smiley: I see you work hard to make me feel and look stupid rather than try to see my point! OK…you win! :smiley: enjoy!