Coloring the whole channel strip in the mix console

I would love to be able to colorcode the whole channel strip of the mixer like in protools.


+1! Would love this! And maybe in the arranger window also…!

in the arranger that’s already possible. That’s why i think they should do it in the mixer too.


Very good suggestion, +1



Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with the ribbon/scrible strip at the bottom?

There is nothing inherently “wrong” with the current coloring, it is just that many people feel coloring the whole channel strip (which is very common in other DAWs) would make it easier to differentiate channels in the mixer.
If you like the current way maybe it could be implemented as an option.

Hmm… But it’s not possible across the entire strip, among the events, right? Just on the channel name and controls to the left? It would be nice to have the colour continuing across the entire track (in a more muted tone than the events, preferably). But even more so on the mixer! :slight_smile:

It is? Just choose the paint tool from the top, track header and events all the same color.

Sorry, what I meant was the empty space between the events. Can that also be coloured in the track colour (in a muted fashion)? I think I have seen it been done sometimes, but don’t know how to do it myself. It’s no biggie, though.

yes, create a group folder trow it in there, instant shadow in between

+1…would make the mix console easier to navigate.

Another options is to auto-colorize mix channels that belong to a Group Channel/Stem ?

I’m often creating huge, complex arrangements with a variety of sounds from a variety of VSTi’s and audio, so, to be able to see, at a glance, all the channels which belong to a Drum GRP or Perc GRP etc…would be so great.

+1 for coloured channel strips

I’ve been asking for this, ever since Steinberg took it away many versions ago


Alot of times int he mixer window i am looking in the EQ area or towards the top, it would be nice to have the color run the whole way up so i can see what color that track is and hence what type it is and in what group


+1 .

I’ve wanted this for a while. It looks AWESOME in Pro tools, and would be even more AWESOME in Cubase.


That’s why it will never happen. It would make Cubase look too much like PT. Seriously.

Good idea, though. And it should -also- be extended to the Tracks in the Project Window. (The current workaround stinks)