Coloured wheel

In the past few days Dorico has been freezing with the coloured wheel. This happens when I try to save files or press PLAY. Sometimes when I reopen Dorico I can’t open any file – I get a “Error Opening File” message. Before that I can do stuff (e.g. insert notes), but the programme is running slowly.

All other software on my MacBook Pro is working fine. The only change I have made recently was that I got the trial for Note Performer a week ago. That was working fine a for a few days - these problems started yesterday. Any help much appreciated. Matthew

Are you using the NP Playback Template with the NP demo?

All the files I was working on before I installed Note Performer are working fine – ones set to Halion Sonic SE.

I uninstalled Note Performer.

When I load the file I was working on that was set to Note Performer, the box underneath the heading ‘VST instruments’ is now blank. When I try to change it to Halion Sonic SE the programme crashes.

Help please!

Are you applying the HALion/NotePerformer template from Play > Apply Playback Template, or trying to do it some other way?

Thanks Derrek. How would I know? As in, I am not sure – how would I find out?

Sorry, I am not sure what this means. I am a beginner with this and not so good with computers. I just installed Note Performer and then selected Note Performer inside PLAY.

Last thing: when I open the file that I had been using Note Performer on, if I change a note and then press SAVE that also crashes the programme, so it’s not just when I try to press PLAY.

Your Dorico file “remembers” that you were playing back with NotePerformer.

If you open the project again after you deleted NotePerformer, Dorico doesn’t know how to play it.

If you just try to change the VST to Halion, you won’t get any sounds loaded automatically into Halion, and probably Dorico will be sending the wrong playback messages (intended for NotePerformer) as well. So even if it didn’t crash, it wouldn’t play back correctly.

Go to Play mode, select Apply Playback Template from the Play menu. That will reset everything to use Halion properly.

Thanks Rob. I did that and that worked in the sense that I could make the change and Halion SE then came up in the box under VST Instruments. But as soon as I try to do anything else, the coloured wheel comes. Trying to save or pressing play
Even if I just open the programme, change one note and then try and save it, the coloured wheel comes.

Ok, I think at this point you’ll need to post the Diagnostics file here for a team member to look at. You have to zip it up before posting.

Go to Help–>Diagnostics Report. It saves it to your desktop, I believe.

When you open a project or apply a playback template, you need to wait for the Play button in the top right corner to turn green (instead of grey). This tells you that the playback VSTs are loaded and ready. Are you trying to do things before the play button has turned green?

Thanks DanKreider. Here is the diagnostic report attached.

The play button in GREEN.
Dorico (455 KB)

The audio engine is crashing due to some compatibility problems with Mac OS Catalina. You are running an old version (2.1.10). Run the Steinberg Download Assistant to update to the later 2.2.20 version. If you still have the same problem then also download the latest eLicenser from

Many thanks for your help Paul.
I did what you suggested.

I successfully opened the Application Installer, Playback 1 - HALion Sonic SE 3 and Update to Dorico Pro 2.2.20.

However, when I opened the ‘Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library’ I was asked did I want FULL VERSION or TRIAl. I selected FULL and got the attached message.

After this, I tried opening the file again. Same thing happened: I changed one note, press SAVE, and it crashed.

Thanks again, Matthew

Paul, I just wanted to update you that:

  1. While I can open Dorico files, as soon as I do anything on any of these files, the programme immediately crashes.
  2. I sent the file (the one I sent you the diagnostic report for) to a friend who has Dorico and when he opens my file on his computer he also gets the coloured wheel.
    Thanks, Matthew

Perhaps you should attach that project here as well, then, so we can take a look? Are you able to do Play > Apply Playback Template and choose the ‘HSSO+HSE (Pro)’ playback template instead of the NotePerformer one?

Thanks Daniel.

When I try to attach the file (i.e. drag it into this text box) I receive the message: ERROR, invalid file extension.
If you email me, I can reply and send it to you as an attachment. (email removed by moderator)

I’d be grateful if you could also explain why I received an error message when I tried to download the ‘Dorico Playback 2 - Orchestra Library’ following the stage where you asked whether you want the FULL VERSION or TRIAl.


Sorry Daniel, I forgot to answer your question: yes, I am able to do Play > Apply Playback Template and choose the ‘HSSO+HSE (Pro)’ playback, but then the programme crashes with the next thing I do.

Matthew, you have to zip it before posting on the forum.

Thanks Dan. Here it is now.
problem (1.21 MB)