Compatibility between CD burner and Wavelab

Dear forum, I would like to ask for help on a problem I encountered between my Wavelab 6 and the CD burner of my netbook which is a TSST model TS-L633M.
inserted in an HP notebook.

  1. Wavelab recognizes the burner, identifies it with brand and model.
  2. Starting the recording, everything works fine and in the end Wavelab tells me that the CD has been created successfully, but the recording process lasts long 5 seconds and obviously nothing has been recorded.
    Can anyone tell me why?
    Thank you

Check this thread…

regards S-EH

WaveLab 6 is about 15 years old… maybe time to update :wink:

Thanks sir, you have been very kind i got the problem, but it takes Einstein to solve it entering in the machine programmation, not a simple musician; i tried to erase the ASPI drivers but the downloaded program didn’t open in my windows 7 64, then i tried only to reinstall with the other program and apparently it did, but the problem remained unsolved. Wavelab sees and identifies the Driver, makes the operation and says “successful”, but it lasts long 5 seconds only with any result.

To be fair … WL 6 and Win 7 are getting old … even Microsoft official support stopped back in 2020

It is possible the issue is the driver for the CD Burner and not WaveLab.

One option maybe to “Create CD image and Cue Sheet’. in WaveLab.

Import that into another software solution like Exact Audio Copy (which I believe will still run on Windows 7) You could then see if it will burn the CD from EAC or similar Win 7 compliant software.

Otherwise, I have no idea as it has been years since I last used WL 6 (or EAC).

Good luck.

The older, the wiser…:wink: i feel comfortable with that because i am older the same way. By the way i tried with an exrernal CD burner, a recent Samsung one , and the result was the same


That result with the new Samsung burner is what I was getting at … it may not have drivers for Windows 7 (or if it does, they may not have tested it as the OS is out of support).

I do agree that once you have a stable system, it needs a good reason to move from that. Maybe this is the ‘good reason’.

Good luck!

Dear Paul, i try to explain… it’s true that i have an old configuration in my home studio recording, but i am very comfortable with it; if i move to other configuration i should buy a new computer, a new audio card (they are both connected with firewire that’s not in use now) anf probably i have to buy new Pro Tools and Wavelab programs. This is not affordable for me, so i didn’t ask to this kind forum to change all my old stuff, but only a solution to keep it. I am quite sure that the idea of the problem with the ASPI drivers is correct, because the problem occurred when i had to change the computer and reinstall in the new one (used) a windows 7 copy. Plus the former VAIO computer had a Matshita burner that worked properly with Wavelab, and now the new one has the problems.The suggested procedute to fix the ASPI drivers it is too complex for me and i could damage the system register.