Comping lanes over multiple tracks

Hey guys - I did some googling and didn’t really find an answer for this question. I’m trying to comp drum tracks and struggling with lanes. I’ve got 14 tracks of drums, and i’ve moved them into a folder. I turned on group editing, and all the tracks have had the versions converted to lanes and they all match up. The issue is, unless i have all 14 tracks lanes expanded, the comp only effects the tracks who’s lanes are open. Ok - that sounds confusing. So if i open the lane of track 1 and make a comp - track 2-14 don’t follow - unless i’ve opened the lanes of ALL those tracks - but with 9 takes of the drum part - that’s insane amount of lanes to have open. Is there no way to do this easier? Only having one lane open or at least make sure all the tracks lanes are open from one key command instead of having to scroll through and check?

Thanks guys

Hoping for some insight on this - it’s a basic step in pro-tools but i’m working hard with cubase so i don’t have to spend so much time in PT as i overall like the cubase environment. But editing large track count drum tracks is an important part for me.

why are you using group editing at the same time you are comping Lanes ? that would confuse even the … ok Me.
I would comp the takes that need it and when finished use group editing for quantizing or whatever needs to be done.

Sounds like you didn’t enable the folder track = sign before recording the drum takes?

In my experience if you do this it’s possible to comp all the tracks by opening lanes on one track - all the others follow.

If however the = is not selected before recording (if you do it after recording you get a warning that group editing might fail) it really doesn’t work.

You COULD do it by painstakingly grouping the related lanes on each track.

I find lanes for this many tracks, with many takes to comp, is very taxing on the GUI, at least on Mac OSX (this is on a 2013 MacPro with 20GB RAM).

I prefer to record takes one after the other, select the best sections, then edit them together.

Unless I’ve misunderstood your issue…

The problem arise when you are using the Comp Tool to select sections, by dragging (drag selection)… even though you have the folder grouping on or not… This is a bug/fault in the Lanes function/system never resolved.

What you have to do instead is to:
Make sure you use the good old Split Tool to split at the points you want, and NOT the Comp Tool drag selection (eg every bar or 4th bar etc)>>> Then when you select a take/lane in track one, the others will follow (just make sure to have the folder group editing switched on).

I hope I got you right…

Thank you! Yes this seems to be the issue. I was using the comp tool and regardless of group editing in the folder being on or off (the = sign) - the edits were only effecting the tracks with the lanes expanded - which was a huge pain over 14 mics on the drum recording.

I’m curious is there no way to do this kind of editing WITHOUT making a folder? It seems like an unnecessary step. In pro-tools I would just group the drum tracks and edit away. I’m loving working with Cubase but it’s taking me a while to feel remotely as efficient when it comes to audio editing as I can be in PT. But in the production/composition side of the process, I’m much happier in the Cubase environment.

This is the whole point of the feature. You couldn’t do any comping before enabling group editing as then the tracks would no longer be in sync and it wouldn’t work. Not many people would have call to use it outside recording live instruments in a studio, but when compiling lots of takes recorded on multiple tracks (12 drum mics or 6 mics for string quartet for example), it would be an invaluable feature if it ever worked properly. As it stands the feature continues to be buggy even in 9.5 and you have to just pray it won’t fail randomly halfway through compiling a big project.

I always use the split tool then comp tool to comp takes with group editing enabled but it still breaks down randomly.

I find it works as long as you use scissors tool consistently on the folder track. The result is that all tracks in the folder are cut at the same place. Then comping works. I just did it. Made sure every cut that I was in folder track and it worked fine.

Cutting all works well here with the comp tool, which turns to scissors when holding alt. Cutting the whole folder works as well of course.

The group editing feature works great if you make sure the files have the exact same length, which is easy to do by cutting front and end with zero crossing off. Otherwise Cubase gets picky and creates a terrible mess :slight_smile:

Comp Tool + Alt = Scissor Tool = Yes, it cuts… and you can select across all tracks included in the Edit Group (How I do it)

Comp Tool + Drag = Yes, it cuts… but you CAN’T select across all tracks included… This should be fixed ASAP IMO (for an even better workflow).

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