I really like Cubase. There is so much talk on the forums about this DAW and that DAW and what they didn’t fix and we can’t have dual monitor support, bla bla bla. It’s time to make music in 2013. I’m staying away from the forums…no really… :mrgreen:

That why I stay away from 7 :mrgreen:

i never use the forum either :wink: happy crimbo and a great new year to you two :slight_smile:

Making music is much easier when the DAW isn’t crashing or overloading every other minute. :slight_smile:

But that requires a great amount of ideological fastidiousness with an increasingly negative outlook, against a backdrop of vain and selfish reprisal plus a mindset of damnation.

:mrgreen: And the same old parade of strangely low postcount just after a new release and always the SAME little gang having the SAME crashing problems who only EVER post that “My computer has just crashed (without mentioning it’s for the tenth time and ALWAYS after a new release) and THEREFORE it must be CUBASE! WTF?!” And approach the forum with the mindset of “I am an expert / professional / person with customers and “workflow” so my complaints are never trivial. Mate.” But seem oblivious to the fact that all the posters with at least half an idea (and me) can see that, despite not being given any system details, the same people seem able to crash their machines every other day. :mrgreen:

Happy Crashmass. :laughing:

Some people could crash a sundial though.

Nobody’s perfect.

Maybe it’s the “Fiscal Cliff” they were talking about

My neighbors kid crash a parked car … for real.

Somehow, it’s like people (in general) have lost some of their computing capacity (common sense is a big one) but talk like they are rocket scientists. People seem to know a lot of information, but understanding it and being able to act on it, seems severely lacking. It’s almost like knowing and understanding are different… oh wait, they ARE!

“To know but not understand, is to have learned nothing.”

i am

I tried that for a while, but decided to settle for conceited, its less stressful. :laughing:


What a turkey of a thread - it must be Christmas.

It seems most complainers have moved from C6 to C7; it’s so quiet in the C6 forum! Can I complain about that? Considering the complaining about C7, there must be some that reverted to C6? Come back and compain a bit there guys, it’s too quiet - I sometimes even have to go make music since everything is read! :confused: :imp:

C7 makes it even easier to write and produce music, with both audio and midi chord detection tools, not to mention beat detection from V6, we have now assistive technologies that bring results even faster than before.

Does that sound a strange affair to anyone else because it sounds VERY strange to me. ALL the complainers updated?! Considering the averages of real time updaters in real studios I know most won’t update if they see there are problems or they’ll have the new stuff on a test bench for a while. They know the pitfalls of software and how to fix and get fixes without whining on forums about how professional they are and how dumb the DAW manufacturer is.
Bottom line in my head is; Are they really that DUMB?

Good band name, the Sundial Crashers. :mrgreen:

Sorry Arjan, haven’t got 7 but I’m just too curious so I read the 7 forum more than 6 :wink:

So you ought to be, V7 has a great amount of functionality that is now standardized and not just on a wishlist.

If you can afford it, it is worth it to upgrade just to be a part of what is the Cubase 7 revolution since already the forum has “feature requests” , “issues” and general support so you are sure to be heard.