Condensing Line Disappearing

Hi all,

In my score I have a custom line over 2 trumpet parts. It’s just a dashed line with some text. When the trumpet parts condense into one stave, it removes all lines from them.

Any thoughts on getting them to show in the condensed score too?

I’m afraid vertical and horizontal lines are currently excluded from condensing. We plan to address this soon.



has anything changed already in the matter? :slight_smile: I have exactly the same problem here. (well… although it concerns flutes, not trumpets :wink: )

No, nothing has changed since June in this regard, I’m afraid.

I also experienced it.
I drew a wavy line to visually express vibrato, but condensed score excluded the line.

It should be not excluded…

I’m also having this problem, trying to condense wind/brass instruments but the lines disappear. I would LOVE it if this were possible in the next version! Honestly I’d pay for a new version just for that.
Are there any workarounds you would suggest in the meantime?
Thank you for all your work on condensing btw! Amazing feature and really a game changer!

I’m afraid there aren’t any workarounds. At the time of writing this is not yet something we’ve had the time to address, but I know that this and a handful of other issues with condensing are high priorities, and we will definitely return to this area of the program as soon as we can.


Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Same problem… and also looking forward to it! Thank you.

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any progress on this? I tried to use a line to replace a lost glissando. I will otherwise have to fix this after export.

I’m afraid not as yet, @frm5993, sorry.

Sorry to pop the same question again…it’s just that we really need it. So here it comes: ‘is there any progress on the issue?’

No, I’m sorry to say that there is no progress on this issue.

Adding myself to the list of those who would warmly welcome lines in condensed staves.

In the meantime, here’s the workaround I’m using (do this ideally very late in the editing process once staff and note spacing have been finalized):

  1. Copy all missing lines to any staff that doesn’t condense.
  2. “Hide” them in part (Custom scale: 1, Color->Opacity 0%) where they don’t belong. [Do this before Step 3, otherwise they may wander around the part.]
  3. Drag all lines to proper locations in Engrave.

Working for me in this context with horizontal lines (condensed violins were missing lines; i added two to uncondensed double bass and continuo):
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 16.35.43

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I think there is an easier solution for your specfifc case. You can create custom playing techniques like your “SP+” and whatever came before it and then group these playing techniques together. You will get an arrow like yours in between by doing that which is customizable in the property panel. And as far as I know, playing techniques do condense.


Wow, you’re absolutely right. Thanks! I didn’t know about this Group Playing Technique feature.

Yes, I also only found out about it after I had created already dozens of custom lines in my template :slight_smile:


This works great. Easiest if there is a playing technique on both sides of the arrow (e.g. ST->SP) but it also seems possible to define an empty playing technique instead of ST to get just an arrow to a playing technique: ->SP

Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 18.09.07

It’s just a bit tricky to select this playing technique from the menu and the score. But possible.

Thanks again for the great tip!


Also the “suffix” function is great. It even follows the font used for the playing technique. So variations of a technique (SP+, SP++) are easy and don’t require creating new playing techniques…like in some inferior software that shall not be named.

Ah…maybe I spoke too soon. Right now these playing techniques are NOT appearing in my condensed staves. Hm. There could be several reasons for that and I’ll start troubleshooting it now. Are you able to get grouped playing techniques with continuation lines to appear in condensed staves?