Condensing Line Disappearing

Hi all,

In my score I have a custom line over 2 trumpet parts. It’s just a dashed line with some text. When the trumpet parts condense into one stave, it removes all lines from them.

Any thoughts on getting them to show in the condensed score too?

I’m afraid vertical and horizontal lines are currently excluded from condensing. We plan to address this soon.

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has anything changed already in the matter? :slight_smile: I have exactly the same problem here. (well… although it concerns flutes, not trumpets :wink: )

No, nothing has changed since June in this regard, I’m afraid.

I also experienced it.
I drew a wavy line to visually express vibrato, but condensed score excluded the line.

It should be not excluded…

I’m also having this problem, trying to condense wind/brass instruments but the lines disappear. I would LOVE it if this were possible in the next version! Honestly I’d pay for a new version just for that.
Are there any workarounds you would suggest in the meantime?
Thank you for all your work on condensing btw! Amazing feature and really a game changer!

I’m afraid there aren’t any workarounds. At the time of writing this is not yet something we’ve had the time to address, but I know that this and a handful of other issues with condensing are high priorities, and we will definitely return to this area of the program as soon as we can.


Thank you! Looking forward to it!

Same problem… and also looking forward to it! Thank you.

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