Condensing: Overlapping lyric bug?

When auto-switching between 1 and 2 voices in a condensed vocal staff, lyrics are showing up twice and colliding with each other.

When I force the whole passage either into the same or separate voices, the lyrics are displayed as expected, but neither option is ideal.

I’ve read on here that there is still some work to be done ironing out kinks in vocal stave condensing. Is this a known bug?

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Unfortunately that is correct: at the moment, vocal music is not really well catered-for by condensing, but it remains something that we plan to fix in future.


It’s all good. Condensing has saved me so incredibly much time I’d forgive little bugs like these 1,000 times over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am linking a thread from the german forum here, examining the exact same bug for completeness.