[Confirmed] V8.0.30 Disable tracks test case failure

[Edit]: Sorry, duplicate post. This one must have been awaiting approval when I posted this…


I started a thread in the general section, reporting problems with the enable/disable tracks feature. After confirmation from other users, here is a basic test case that demonstrates the problem:

  1. Create a new empty project
  2. Add a single instrument track (Prologue for example), load an expression map and assign it to the track
  3. Disable the track
  4. Save the project and close it
  5. Open the project
  6. Add a second instrument track (Prologue again) and assign the expression map
  7. Disable the track
  8. Save the project and close it
  9. Open the project
  10. Enable track2 and the expression map link is OK (Optional step, does not affect the outcome)
  11. Enable track1 and the expression map link as gone

For further details, here is the link to the original thread…

Thanks, Ian