I don’t usually post because I don’t want to taken for one of them guys thats so negative. But I am a bit confused, and I want to apoligize if I get a little wordy with this post. I have been a cubase user for a long time. In fact I just looked at my old boxes and the oldest one is cubsae sx which I know is an upgrade from an earlier version of cubase. I just can’t remember what. I like it it. It suits my humble needs for recording. I have always upgraded to whatever the full version is that comes out and am currently running Cubase 5. To be clear about what I have to say I also run a Yamaha O1x which I have been very happy with for a long time. Then there is Wavelab 7 which I just upgraded to even though I am forced to use Windows XP (wavelab 7 is not officially supported for windows XP.) But because the Yamaha O1X does not have drivers for Windows 7 I am stuck in XP.
Now for the confusing part. Which is Cubase 6 which I have not upgraded to because of the following. Cubase 6 is also not officially supported for Windows XP. But it says in the manual named “Remote Control Devices” that the Yamaha O1X is supported by Cubase 6. How can that be?

Yamaha O1X= No drivers for Windows 7
Cubase 6= Support only for Windows 7
Cubase 6= Yamaha O1X stated as device approved for use

Am I starting to make sense here? Unless I am seeing it wrong, there is an (hope I spell it right) OXYMORON going on. If this is true, then somebody with Cubase/Yamaha is lying thru their teeth for marketing purposes. Isn’t that called false advertising? One way or the other it don’t make sense to me. Personaly I would love to see drivers for Yamaha O1X for Windows 7.
I don’t want an MRX16. I want something with faders, & is interactive such as the the Yamaha O1x is with earlier versions of Cubase. I also don’t want to hear that Steinberg, & Yamaha are two different companys. They are both owned by Yamaha. I wish I could get a Yamaha reps response to this post. I won’t though because I don’t speak japanese. We’ll thats all for my rant. I don’t know what to do. I love what I am seeing in Cubase 6. Just don’t know how to get there from Cubase 5 with the contradicting statements. Thanks if you have read this post all the way to the end. Fitterbkw

Until I sold my 01X+i88x combo, I used them pretty well to control Cubase, without the need of drivers for my Windows 7 64 bit system.

Cubase 6 is compatible with 01X’s communication protocol. You don’t need to install any driver, you only need to communicate the 01X with Cubase through MIDI.

if you have an i88x (or another 01X), you can route the MIDI ports so what enters in one machine MIDI input port, exits on the other machine MIDI output port. With this kind of cross-connection you can use the 01X to control Cubase 6 via MIDI without drivers.


The other thing to say is that if you read through the forum, you will see a number of people who ARE running CC6 on Windows XP. Steinberg have been clear that they only officially support the most up to date versions of Windows and MacOS, but at the moment I am runnign 32-bit Cubase 6 on 64-bit Vista - which is not officially supported, but works great for me.


Hello fitterbkw,

That’s a complex topic.
The official statement is that we do not support those devices officially as well.
But as plectrumboy said, there are many users running Cubase 6 on Windows XP and don’t have problems:

hi fitterbkw

yes c6 is running very stable on xp , 2 weeks now and no issues ,its the most stable a cubase has been on my system ! :smiley:

Not a few people confused by this. XP will work with C6 but if anything goes wrong you may be up the creek ringing the support phonelines but you can come here for unofficial assistance.
If I still had to use XP I’d take the chance and even would ring support on a problem because pot luck says there are some angels out there who ignore the official business model.
As soon as you can though get W7. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

your right , steinberg have been very helpful so far but iv’e only had to report 1 bug , thats all . i think if you approach the forum and steingberg right there will be a solution to any problem even if it is on xp
i have faith ! :smiley:

FWIW, @ those who are on XP and not yet 7, I can say I was reluctant to go, then one day my machine crashed and burned, and that made me decide to pony up the dollars to go Seven. I can honestly say that it is the BEST version of Windows ever, and I’ve been around for donkey’s years… so while it may be an expense, it is most definitely worth it. If you are running older hardware, that ups the ante a little more, and I know about not having budget… I am always on a shoestring.

Best version of Windows for the best version of Cubase so far. How much do you love making music? Its a damn good feeling to be up to date. I scrounged up the $…

The interface issue however, is something that Yamaha should really be ashamed about…

Just sayin’