Connection korg pa 300 to cubase le13

Hello. I wish to use a korg PA 300 as master keyboard on Cubase LE13 . The Pa 300 is connected by USb cable to the PC. A korg midi driver is installed on the PC. Once this is done , what do I do to get the PA 300 recognized in Cubase ?! Cannot find any real solutions so far ! thanks a lot

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You should be ready to go. Could you attach the Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup screenshot, please?

Hello !
Here it is !
Thanks for your help
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That means, Cubase doesn’t see the driver.

I remember, there were some discussions about the Korg drivers here on the forum. Please, search for it.

Hello Martin

I have been away a few days and it is only now I try to find the solution! I have been through the forum and tried to find some discussion abut the matter but cannot find anything at all ! Could you eventually give me some more tips ?
Thanks a lot again


Maybe this one?

Well, it does not say much ! If it can help you, when I go to uninstall utility of the korg midi driver, I see as follows : port 0 : empty. port 1 : usb audi device. port 2 and 3 : Audient ID 14; port 4 to 9 : empty.
but the studio set up is empty and the driver does not appera no where !


That means, you don’t see any MIDI Port in Cubase. Could you try to rename/delete the Cubase Preferences folder, please?

%appData% /Steinberg/Cubase Elements_le_ai 13_64/

OK sorry to ask that but I am not a data expert and would like to avoid making mistake !! How do I do this ?!


In the File Explorer navigate to the folder and delete it, please.

Hello! I send you a screen shot showing that I found the preference folder and rename it to preference reno. But as you can see the preference user is still there … can I just delete both or ? So far no change , I checked in the studio set up but the driver does not appear.


I mean to rename the parent folder (the one, you are in, with the Cubase Elements… name), not a file, please.

Hi Martin, look I have now delete the file I renamed ( preference reno). As mentionned I am not an expert in data and I am just afraid to destroy something ! I do also speak english but this technical words are like Chinese to me! May I ask you if by any chance it could be possible for you to take over on my pc via teamviewer or anydesk for example and do the right things ?


No worries, you can’t break anything.

What I see on the screenshot, go one folder up (so you are in the Steinberg folder), and rename the “Cubase LE AI Elemens 13_64” folder, please.

Then start Cubase again.

As you can see on this screenshot I have renamed the folder by RENOME. I started cubase again but no change the driver is still not there! I think I just have to give up and wait Monday! ! So sorry to bother you while you are in vacations. I am situated in France and we can use team viewer whenever you want just let me know which time is OK for you! Thanks again !


I’m sorry, I don’t see the renamed Cubase LE AI Elements 13_64 folder on the screenshot.

Regarding the TeamViewer, as these are private data, I sent you a Private Message already, to don’t discuss these publicly. :wink:

OK Martin, but for your info I have not received your message. Now I have deleted the folder but still the same no drivers appears under studi set up.

i Martin, So I tried various recording with halion using the pa 300 and it works BUT !.. :slight_smile: While I was proceeding to some trials no problem the keyboard was always responding and there were no problems. I stopped awhile and wanted to go on again but no way ! the keyboard never worked again. I checked all, everything looks fine, the pa 300 is in place under the set up studio but just not working anymore. I closed down cubase, started again and it worked ! but same scenario after some minutes, after a moment without using it, it did not work ! I closed down again and started again but this time no way to get it to work again ! any idea what it could be ?


Does the USB port go to a sleep mode?

Could be yes but I do not know how to check that ! But it sounds like it does. As long as I use the keyboard, no problem but of I do not use it a little while, then no more reaction!