Contradictory Cyber Weeks pricing

As per Daniel’s announcement here, I got a splash advert at the weekend when I opened Dorico 4 Elements (see attached) saying that the price to upgrade to Pro is £102.50; bargain I thought, but when you go to the online shop it is £205, i.e. twice the price. I’ve had no clarification from Support as yet; did anyone else get this advert?

Yes, unfortunately the pricing data in the window we displayed on Monday was wrong for several products. The correct price is always shown in the online shop. We fixed this as quickly as we discovered the problem, first thing yesterday (Tuesday) morning. I’m very sorry indeed for the mistake.

Much as I expected, I thought it was too good to be true!

I was in a similar situation yesterday with the iPad version:
On the Upgrade-Graphic, the life time unlock is 119€, next to it it says 50% discount (see picture).
But in fact, the prize is currently 69€ in the App Store. (Or was yesterday)

I’m not sure why that would be wrong; the price on the red button there is supposed to come directly from the App Store itself. Perhaps Dorico for iPad was unable to retrieve the price from the App Store at that point – was your device offline?

I am and was connected to the internet, and it still shows 119.99 €.

As soon as i click the red button, I see a different price

But also secondly, 69.99€ in the App Store isn’t really 50% of 119.99 € (which is the regular price of the lifetime unlock, I assume?). I am in the German App Store.

The regular price of the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase in Germany is now €139.99, because Apple recently raised prices in some countries, including many EU countries. Because app developers can only choose a single price tier for the whole world, we don’t have any control over what specific price you see in any given country: we choose our prices based on Apple’s tiers that are all set in US dollars.


As a registered user of Dorico.I originally purchased Dorico 3( Educational) upgraded to Dorico 3.5 and recently purchased and installed an update for Dorico 4.
I noticed that there was advertised a Black Friday / Cyber week sale for the Dorico App for Ipad whereby the offer was for a lifetime at 50% off the normal price of $90 to $45 and expiring on 30 November 2022.I purchased the Dorico app for Ipad today 28 November 2022 BUT have be billed the full $90.Can anyone please explain this and how to rectify with a refund. regards Mark

Welcome to the forum, @musomarc. I’ve just checked the setup in the App Store, and the Lifetime Unlock in-app purchase is definitely still set up correctly with the discount until the end of tomorrow. We can’t provide any support for purchases made in the App Store, so please contact App Store support to figure out the next step.