Control EQ with AutoLFO

So I have been trying to sweep a band in the native Cubase EQ with the AutoLFO MIDI plugin.

First I add the EQ node 3 freq to slot 1 of the instrument track quick controls. In my studio setup I have QC and VST QC slot 1 set to MIDI CC 74

Then I set AutoLFO to send out on CC74.

But nothing happens to the EQ. Obviously my understanding of the connection between AutoLFO and the QCs is wrong. There must be some kind of unilateral direction at play here, its not bidirectional. Or is there some way to make this happen?

Using a controller I can manually sweep the band left and right and record the automation (this is what I ended up doing). But for regular constant shape changing (like an LFO sine wave) it would be easier to use an LFO to make this.

Thanks for your ideas

I believe you have to use a virtual midi cable to connect the Auto LFO output to a Quick Control. Unfortunately, Cubase doesn’t provide any internal MIDI routing as such.
There are a few 3rd party options in regards to virtual MIDI loopback. I have used loopMIDI successfully on Windows machines.

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thank you for the idea mlindeb, I’m on a Mac but I’ll look into if MIDIpatchbay will work

Can you explain your routing? I assume you have to make a connection outside of Cubase, create a MIDI track routed to that, and then have that virtual connection set up in the Studio Setup. Is that about the gist of it?

I haven’t used the MIDI LFO at all I’m afraid. I used the virtual MIDI for some exotic remote control stuff some years back.
From memory, you install the virtual MIDI driver and loop-back. Create a virtual MIDI port with an IN and and OUT. Enable this virtual port in Cubase, connect the virtual IN to the MIDI output of the track hosting the MIDI plugin. Connect the virtual OUT to your MIDI remote setup. It should be simple as that. I didn’t have to go through any complicated configurations or such.
Have you checked YouTube? There are videos for just about everything these days! Great learning resource.

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thanks again mlindeb I did do a search on YT for AutoLFO and didnt find anything, I will search for setting up a virtual midi port on Mac. Thats a far broader topic so I’m sure there will be tons of results. As you say, its a treasure trove of learning