Control Nuendo with Ipad

I’m Thinking in buying an app to control My daw with my Ipad.
Does anyone here uses?
If yes what’s the best App?
Need advise!


Márcio Silva

V-Control Pro

I use Ac-7, Looks great, works fine. I’ve been using it for a while. No problems.

Here also V-Control Pro - works great …

Any word on the progress of Cubase IC? Cause it only works in 32Bit and the functionalities are very basic. It would be so awesome to have a remote app that’s tailored for Cubase/Nuendo.

I haven’t seen CubaseIC before, looks a bit limited at first glance but I haven’t examined in detail.

We also use V-Control Pro, works great, quite powerful, we’ve customized the two available soft keys for TC chase and All Rec Ready as we need those quickly and frequently. If you’re in a production environment it’s been our experience that putting V-Control Pro on the wireless will bog it down depending on traffic. We plug the workstations in via enet to a switch, put a dedicated WAP (airport express) on the switch with a new network for the iPads running V-Control Pro, then plug the switch into the main network. Works well, keeps main wireless traffic away from V-Control Pro, and the workstations can still get to the network assets. Putting it in a small environment with nominal traffic will work fine without filtering.


Can we expect a version that supports Nuendo 64-bit on a W7 PC in the future?

It also works for Nuendo.
It has been a while, but during the test period, I have tested this here inhouse with Nuendo on W764bit.


Thanks Fredo.

I ask because it says this on the Steinberg site:

Quote: The remote control supports both Mac and PC versions (32-bit only, 64-bit host applications are not supported).


Oh … It might have been that I was using Nuendo 32 bit, but most definately on a 64 OS.


I’ve bought V-contro Pro and it’s excelent! Even has a remote desktop! Excelent app!
Thank You!

Steinberg just released Cubase IC Pro. Crazy timing!
Can we expect it to work with Nuendo as well?

(Annoying that they don’t mention Nuendo in any of the text about it.)


I just read about it…
Only cubase? Dose it word with nuendo? I dont understand why everything its release on cubase…

Same question here. Nuendo is out?

Yes it works with Nuendo just fine, even though it is not supported yet. I have been using it with Nuendo 5.5.4 64 bit on PC.

Yes it is not supported now. Question is: Will be ever supported? And Why we pay 3x more for lack of this features. I bought nuendo as flagship in DAW and I am forced to live on unsupported edge? Why? Every time I see some cool new feature from Steinberg it is for Cubase why not Cubase and Nuendo automatically?

“will it ever be supported?”

From this thread:

Any more recent thoughts on incorporating an iPad with Nuendo 5.5 for any helpful type of control ?

I’ve been told by someone at Steinberg that as 5.5 is not current, it might work but might not, but they doubt it.