Control Room Headphone Level - Eucon

Dear Nuendo users!

Im using the Nuendo control room with my Avid S3/Dock and I can adjust the Control-Room Level, I can Adjust the Cue-Levels, Talkback-Levels, and so on… but I CAN’T adjust the CR Headphone Level. Why? I Can’t find the parameter in EuControl App to add it to my surfaces…is it a feature for the next Steinberg Eucon Update?

Has anybody an idea?


Unfortunately I don’t have an Idea to the implementation of the Control Room Headphone Level.

I misuse one of the cues for that, of course no help, if you need them for other things…


Unfortunately Eucon updates are very rare at Steinberg. But please add your Eucon feature request to the Eucon Update thread