Control Room: How to setup Monitor Sources???


How do you setup monitor sources? I searched Nuendo 8’s Operation Manual, but there is no method to be found. Page 449 says:

“You can create up to 8 monitor sources for a mono, stereo, or surround speaker configuration. These can be input or output busses that you set up in the Inputs/Outputs tab of the VST Connections window, or a group channel”

However, it does not say exactly how to do that. I´ve right clicked all over VST Connections, to no avail.

I know for a fact that this works, because the function is used on the “Fractured” project (found at Steinberg´s website). This sample project shows several group tracks setup as STEMS in the control room. I have no idea how did they create this setup. Any ideas?

If you want to try this awesome feature yourself, download the sample project here:

Vst connections studio tab
Add monitor Source and choose between the various possible inputs/outputs/groups.

I just wish that I could have more than eight at times.

I agree with you. I’ll make this a feature request. Please join me :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys, I found that this option gets hidden on systems that only have stereo output.

The option is easily avaiable on the create channel button, in the Studio tab.


Have you tried using the Direct Output rack to select which groups or tracks get routed to the Monitor Source-Group Track? I´ve never done it, but it may be a way to have several different tracks routed to the same kind of monitor source and just toggle one of them to be active at the same time.

I agree with you. I’ll make this a feature request. Please join me :slight_smile:

Have you tried using the Direct Output rack to select which groups or tracks get routed to the Monitor Source-Group Track? I´ve never done it, but it may be a way to have several different tracks routed to the same kind of monitor source and just toggle one of them to be active at the same time.

You could do this in combination with summing mode to get even more out of the Direct Output rack.

hesca,you’re missing the point. The point isn’t to have the possibility to assign several sources to ONE of the eight monitor sources, the point is to have more than eight sources to choose from in the Control Room.


Thanks for clearing that up. Yes I understood that you can select the sources from the Control Room, I just thought 8 might not be enough for all applications. If so… then maybe the Direct Output rack might be a possible workaround.

But hey, I´m just thinking outloud. I haven´t any real field experience with this tool.

Be grateful for 8, someone decided the music production software Cubase only needs 4 … No clue who made that arbitrary decision.

I’m just wondering why, for Cubase 9.5 they expanded the amount of inserts to twice what they used to be, but we´re stuck with 4 monitor channels and 8 monitor sources in the control room.

Is it unreasonable to ask for more?

I have high hopes for Nuendo 9, but will have to wait till… what? November 2018 to see any changes?

Better not to hold our breath folks. :slight_smile:

It was announced that the number of Cue Sends would be increased in the N8 lifecycle, but now they want to increase the numbers of Inserts first. Personally, I can not see the point of adding more Insert slots until the serious limitation on the number of plugins that can be installed on a Windows system is resolved.

I, and others, have been requesting more cue sends for years.

That won’t solve the problem.

Allow me to ask why it is a problem not having more than 8 monitor Sources?
Granted, on some big & complex projects one can use more monitor sources, but isn’t that pure luxury?

I usually assign them to my outputs:

5.1 DX
5.1 FX
5.1 MX
5.1 Extra (Can be anything)
5.1 M&E
Stereo M&E
Stereo out

I don’t include Group Busses in my monitor busses, since they are easyly monitored through the mixer.

Am I missing something?


How does that limitation work?
Can you recommend a trusted source for more info about this?

Maybe I´m old fashioned but, I don´t see how 16 insert slots are useful. It just means more “over-processing”. This is the problem with modern production philosophies… adding stuff doesn’t necessarily equal to creating a better sound. If anything, we should be using less plugins and instead trying to capture better recordings from the beggining. But this is not a subject for discussion in this post. :unamused:

I’m old fashioned too, and I agree in the extra Insert slots.
But hey … don’t listen to old farts.

On the subject of cue sends … I think it become unmanagable to make cue mixes for more than 4 musicians.
This is NOT the task of an Engineer.
Therefore, when more than 4 cue mixes are needed, I think you need to look at a Personal mixer system like Aviom, or the old fashioned Furman.

Just my opinion …

I don’t agree at all. I’m just a punter in the middle of nowhere, but I just had a small ensemble in standup bass, piano, 4 horns, a singer, guitar

In general I can record the ensemble without headphones. However, when trying to do fun/creative stuff overdubbing then the headphones are essential. I’m in Cubase with 4. I’d kill for 8 … but what the heck is the issue with a limitation? It just seems arbitrary for no particular purpose. Saying it’s not needed because of some idea of what it is being used for is kind of defeating the entire concept of a DAW.

Well who decides when something is “pure luxury”? I can mix a show with four inserts. If I need more than that I can just send the audio track through a group. Is that a luxury then to have 8 and we could have been fine with 4? Just because there’s a workaround doesn’t mean getting what you want is getting a luxury.

But anyway, here’s my deliverables for a show I’m currently working on:

Channels 1&2 - Stereo Mix – UNCENSORED - LINEAR
Channels 1&2 - Stereo Mix – UNCENSORED - ALL MEDIA
Channels 3&4 – music & SFX stem – LINEAR
Channels 3&4 – music & SFX stem – ALL MEDIA
Channels 5&6 - Stereo mix – CENSORED – LINEAR
Channels 5&6 - Stereo mix – CENSORED – ALL MEDIA
Music Stem – LINEAR
Music Stem – ALL MEDIA
Dialog stem - UNCENSORED
Dialog stem - CENSORED
Mix Minus Music - UNCENSORED
Mix Minus Music - CENSORED
VO Stem
SFX Stem

My normal “template” Control Room monitoring includes;

main mix
dialog editing (which is routing all speech to center front speaker)
and whatever,

but the point is that it’d be nice for me to have a template for that network-specific set of deliverables so that I could easily check any of those mix versions and stem versions at the locations where they differ, to make sure I’ve got my content routed correctly.

Granted, at some point having more ends up being more confusing than beneficial, but at the same time we’re apparently more than one person who feel 8 is too little.

Here’s the thing to remember though: As far as I can see this isn’t costing anyone anything except development time. I’d take more sources over a sample track/pane any day. It’s not like hardware where you have to physically wire up more gear, here you just change the code. And heck, the gui is already programmed to adapt and ‘unfold’ according to how many sources you have, so it’s not like me having 8 more (or 4 or whatever) makes your gui more cluttered.

I totally agree with this… a sampler track is more of a “bells and whistles” kind of feature… but for some of us it would be more valuable to have more busses and more monitor channels. It seems like an arbitrary cap, to just say… “you only get 8 monitor sources and 4 monitors”… when did the DAW start being a “limited” working environment?

Oh … I now realise that I see this from the complete wrong angle.
It would indeed be “nice” to have more inserts, more sends, more cue sends and more monitor sources.
Can’t argue with that.


Sorry that this thread now refers to more than one issue, but in answer to your question here are a few threads that refer to the DLL/VST Plugin limitation issue (there are many more):

On Windows operating systems it is only possible to install a maximum of 256 DLL’s or Plugins, however this limit is dramatically reduced by Steinberg DAW’s and in my experience the number installable seems to be reduced with every update.