Control Room Mixer in the right zone

Amazing feature, isn’t it? Please, Steinberg, add this.

+1. And very necessary, as right now we can’t integrate the Control Room at the right part of the console when in docked mode.

+1 absolutly necessary!

i would like the controlroom to take F12, instead of the performance meter

YES. This 100% has to happen.

I missed this thread and ended up making one of my own for the same feature request. I hope Steinberg listens.


I should like to control control room volume dial (main) from the transport bar, with a double click on the dial to bring up the whole caboodle


I cannot believe it is not possible to dock the control room to the right zone. This is a huge drawback and I wish I never bought version 9. If I knew this was not possible I would not have upgraded. Can we please change this Steinberg?

I was also frustrated by it not being in the right zone. Then, i decided since the transport is already fixed below the lower zone, I could re-purpose the F2 hotkey. I reassigned the F2 key to open the control room mixer, and positioned it over the right zone. Good work around for now. It works as a toggle. Obviously not preferred, but better than chasing a menu or opening full mixer just to see it.