Control room not showing in audio connections

Not sure if I did not include the Control Room when I installed Cubase Pro 12 but I have never used it yet.
I thought I would try it now but when I go to Audio Connections in Studio, there is only inputs/out puts, Group FX, External FX and external instruments. Control Room does not show up at all.

When I go to the Control room tab I can enable it and see audio showing up there but still no tab in Audio connections!
What am I missing?

Not sure that I get the issue :

So, do you have the Control Room tab in the Studio > Audio Connections window or not ? I f so, Have you activated Control Room in it ? There is an ‘Enable/Disable Control Room’ button in this window toolbar on the left of it.

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.
I do not have the Control room in the Audio Connections tabs.
Control Room does show up on the right pane and I did enable Control Room there.
I just do not have it in the Audio connections section of the Studio.

Your OS platform and version.

You mean this window, right?

Maybe Safe Mode can help

If not, this might be a rare instance where reinstalling Cubase might help. Run the installer in Admin mode.

I have never seen this prob though…

Yes this is it.


tbh, I have no idea. What did you see when you ran in safe mode?

I’m in Cubase Pro 12.50 and Windows 10.


Same thing in safe mode.

What happened when you reinstalled?

getting ready to do that now. Have never reinstalled Cubase after once having it installed. Are there any issues doing this and do I have to use the Download Assistant as I have had issues with that before.

Would i uninstall it first or reinstall over the first install?

I would just run the installer, and launch it as admin.

Right over the old install?

That’s what I would do.

Reinstalled but it still comes up as 12…050 and no Control Room. I guess I need to uninstall and reinstall?

before continuing, please upload a screen shot of the Audio connections window, do not crop out anything.

I uploaded this earlier. Did it not come through? I can see it in this thread.

At this point, I would say you should update Cubase to 12.0.52, and take a wait-and-see approach to the issue, since you have access to the control room.

I don’t want to be rude but are you sure you have Cubase Pro installed?
Can you please take a look at the splash or About screen?