CONTROL ROOM: Preset location (not downmix etc)

Could Steinberg please pin a table that is easily accessible so there isnt so much time wasted on such simple things; it would really help

I want to copy my C11 to C12. No, it doesnt appear after install. No, the search on the forum shows nothing substantial in the top search terms (see above)

Just frustrating…and all it needs it a reference table

You can just open the User Settings Folder and see it in plain English.

If you’re on Windows (it’s not in your your profile)

%AppData%\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64\Presets
There is this as well…

Thanks Steve
Issue is I searched using look in file for a keyword and didnt find it.
I use a lot of different software…the help menu might be nice and clean but everytime you want the manual you have to needlessly drill online…I would like to suggest a well refined layout something like this with local and online references under separate sub menus.

In the secondary menu it could have links to all those references at the appropriate nexus…the help menu :wink:

That’s not what you were talking about in your OP.

But they did do what you asked for, and I posted it above for you.

I have already read that
do a search for ‘control’
I had read that elsewhere on the forum…I didnt see it mention anything about control room hence me posting another thread

I added the help thing because it would really…help hehe

Well, you have the info now, 20 minutes after posting the question.

It’s really not a fair comparison to make with Archicad, a hi end $2400 per year package. Certainly if Steinberg had a price like that there would be much more resources to refine the documentation.

Also, you did a one-time, one-word search, according to your posts. There is an extensive knowledgebase with info going back years, it’s worth a little work to find the the thing you need. I also do think your search prowess is not as limited as one might infer from the OP.

lol…after 40 mins of fishing :slight_smile:
Dont get me wrong…I have been on Cubase since v1 atari I love it despite any misgiving that sometimes happen. I still think its the best package…its more that its missing a great opportunity to do a simple thing like make good use of the help menu which, because of reference to other expensive packaging
I appreciate the great support here.
A lot of the old stuff actually didnt have answers on it (that I had read)
Thats my point…a lot of disparate info that is hard to get across versus a couple of heirachical shortcuts arranged in the help menu…Id even be willing to help my brothers in Hamburg. Das kann ich machen :slight_smile:

I hear you. I would be willing to stipulate that Steinberg does depend on 3rd parties: the user forum, manual authors, youtube gurus etc. in addition to their own publications.

For my part, I wouldn’t want a long menu with many entries right inside in the program.

For sure
It wouldnt be verbose like Archicad which is a huge program (plus all the compliance related stuff) compared to C12 (although I code libraries for them)
Would be nice with just 3 subs

  1. Normal as now but with direct links of operation, remote etc in the 1 list (online)
  2. Direct access to new feature, migration and 2nd tier information (local)
  3. Tips and tricks

I find the opening panel is verbose and I usually find Im looking for stuff, learning as Im proceeding through a project/new version…just my 2c

I can’t disagree. I have found that searching the pdf saved on my machine can be very rapid, and good for single word searches, since I can F3 through them real fast.

But, yes, that gets tedious. Me, I gotta keep everything in my head – not just with Cubase, but in general!

yep absolutely
Actually to be truly creative it has to be more than our head…it must be muscle memory eg like playing guitar…thats always my intent anyway
The right brain is so important and ironically for mix…it must be like life drawing, the first strokes are everything…thats why I spent so much time looking for ‘the workflow’ which ended up being that midi keypad…its is another world, forget raven and all the rest of the hardware…and operationally balanced too

You got it.

Yeah, Raven. Ew. Fun tech, extra work! Lotta money.

I don’t even use a control surface anymore. Between my decades-old assigned keystrokes, and my Kensinton Expert Trackball, I have it mostly contained.

I also have a setup where I use a few CMCs, not for daw control, but for sending CCs and doing commands through Bome midi translator.

Raven/touch is fatiguing.

Yep I hear you… I was using a keyboard but its the synergy of the keypad with the MCU…
eg using the qualifier on the KP extends the MCU and the MCU is gesture based
eg Double click and hold down VPOT2, will open only the GUI of IFX 2 on selected channel…while holding down, will scroll the pages; upon release the 8 vpots are now the assigned remote page etc
So you literally drill directly to where you want to go using gestures…am working with OEM guys at the moment to turn into an actual unit: I no longer use the keyboard and the keypad alone manages a couple of hundred shortcuts in logical groups of processes across the gamut of C12 operations

rough proto atm but I have posted it in other topics…Im just excited about it after so long…not as a brag.

Because I really want cubase to be an instrument not just a tool…with a tiny footprint

wow. cool!

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