Control Surface [Poll]

Would you be interested in a multi-fader control surface according to the spec below?

  • Yes.
  • No, I’m satisfied with the thirdparty non-integrated options.
  • No, I think Steinbergs current options are enough.

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When I posted this thread:

I wasn’t aware that members could start polls.

However, it would be interesting to know how many would be interested in a serious control surface with the following specifications (to begin with) manufactured by Steinberg/Yamaha:
a) full integration with Cubase/Nuendo
b) 12 motorized faders (8 for switchable channel banks and 4 fully programmable for ques, sends, masterchannel, etc.)
c) LED scribble strip for all faders.
d) 16x16 knobs and 8x8 buttons programmable matrix for VST/VSTi plugins. (A LED screen would be nice.)
e) Pricerage €2000-2500.

Please feel free to add suggestions for additional features.

Bit of a worthless poll there, noone is against having more options in any pricerange with any featureset :wink:.
It’d be too expensive for me to justify the costs, although I’d like to have one. I’d like a Nuage as well so there you go.

Is it? If the development department at Steinberg/Yamaha sees that there is sufficient interest/demand, they might do something about this hole in Steinberg product line (that’s how businesses work). One can only hope.

If you can’t afford it now, start saving. Saving up €2000-2500 is feasible for most people, in a reasonable amount of time. Saving up €20 000 (or whatever a Nuage console costs) is not.

Even if you can’t afford it now. Cast your vote, and start saving. Should Steinberg decide not to make a control surface, you still have your savings and that can only be a good thing, Don’t you think?

noone is against having more options in any pricerange with any featureset

That’s my main point. The only people who could genuinly be uninterested at all are those who already have a controller that’s far out of that pricerange like Nuage. Everyone who does not own one yet would at least be slightly interested.

When I say I can’t afford it that doesn’t mean I don’t have the money, but I don’t think a controller is worth that much money for what I do.

But as you wish, I’ll vote I’d like to see what they can come up with.

C’mon guys. Start voting. Are are there only 3 people out there who would like to see a serious control surface for Cubase/Nuendo?

Let me be open here.

I have, more or less, put EUR 2.500,- aside for the one manufacturer who can provide me with a proper control surface of 12 - 16 channels with plugin / channel strip control.

Avid (Artist Control + Mix) almost got it, but I don’t want to risk writing off the money one day just because Avid or Steinberg decide not to support their “most valued competitor” anymore… and using Pro Tools is not an option for me, because I have spent lots of money on VST plugins (which Pro Tools doesn’t support, so it’s basically blacklisted for me).

MCU is not an option, because it’s huge (the chassis wastes a lot of space for nothing) and not really innovative anymore.

I’m waiting for MY control surface to come my way and holding my money back.

i’m not sure i’d want one at that price.
I’m not a pro, I just fumble my way through music.
I have a CC121 and I do love it.
Personally I think they missed a trick by not allowing us to customse it.
You can of course set the Function buttons…it’s just a shame they didn’t really expand with this idea to allow shift functions.
I don’t even know why those buttons have LEDs behind them :unamused:

Currently I am using a Tascam DM3200 that just controls the basics of Cubase. I wish it had more control of the more advanced functions such as plug-in parameters and all editing functions but it serves its purpose and is a fantastic desk with integrated sound, preamps and all the other bells and whistles. You can’t beat the price either and I am sure I am not utilizing the full MIDI programable functions that could probably overcome some of these omissions but it would be nice if they were integrated “out of the box”. It would be nice if Steinberg partnered more with other manufactures to get more advanced control into products such as this but I suppose that would put them in direct competition with their own products which are either not professional enough or completely out of the price range of the average user (ie NUAGE).

I’m in the market for a decent controller for cubase 7… tried the cc121but just a little too limited… would love yamaha and steinberg to come out with a decent control surface costing max a grand… something similar to control universal but tighter cubase integration and more up to date.

The Behringer X-TOUCH looks like an interesting and price-worthy option. If they only gets it released!

Yep it looks interesting alright, but tbh just not a fan of Behringer, although if nothing else pops up in the meantime i may have to check it out… :slight_smile:


MCC121 Controlled Keyboard

Check that out:

Thank you

Well, we’re talking about a control surface here, not a controller keyboard!

How about both. Yamaha can do it. Easy.

i think you can pre-order it from sweetwater(if u are from USA)…
probably they gonna sell like fresh hot buns on a cold day…
looks pretty nice…

Has anyone tried the nektar panorama p1? The control part of the excellent P4 and P6 without the keyboard.

The thing would be that steinberg/yamaha provided us with a SDK so we could do better integration of the hardware there is already existing. Surely there could be better hardware. But I see it more as a software problem. And steinberg is part of that.

I don’t understand the question as there are already plenty of control surfaces that support Cubase and the rest of the DAW world. For the record, I am plenty happy with how my Tascam DM3200 works with Cubase in the remote layer mode and also as a traditional board when mixing OTB.

The thing is that Steinberg could make a control surface that is closely integrated with Cubase and it’s features. There is no way a generic control surface could accomplish this. Just look at the number of integrated control surfaces Digidesign has released for ProTools.

Didn’t they do that with Nuage? I would only be interested in a unit that had the beef of my DM3200 but was made by yamaha/steinberg. Anything that ambitious and yet not as expensive as Nuage, would have to go for $3500-$5000 to be worth my time. Anything else would be a step backwards for me.