Control zoom with a midi cc (fader, rotary...)

Unless it is already possible and havent found how to…I would love to be able to assign vert/horiz zoom with a midi fader or rotary.
Would be so nice and effective, especially when trying to use cubase without too much mouse and keyboard interactions.

Have a look at the Generic Remote. All the zoom commands are in there.

Hi Steve,
I did, I know there are commands. But you cant (or really i didnt find the right one) assign zooming/dezooming to a rotary midi knob. Though It would be so usefull to turn the knob (like a pan knob) to the left to Dezoom and turn knob to the right for a Zoom.
I really tried, the only thing i’m able to do in Generic is assign a ZoomIn/ZoomOut to 2 buttons…but when you wanna do a deep zoom/dezoom it takes a 100 click on the button to achieve, quite time consuming (and having to hold ALT to zoom with mouse wheel is a pain in the A)

If you know the exact Generic command to achieve a “mousewheel zoom” with a midi knob, tell me… cause “have a look…” to google or the manual etc is usually a “troll” answer. That’s usually the 1st thing people do, they try, search, try again, search again…and then ask for some forum people or here a FEATURE REQUEST more than a “where is it”. Cause I’m pretty sure it’s not in any GenericRemote commands !

There are a few ways to make that happen now, depending on the device you’re using, but I won’t ‘troll’ your thread with any suggestions.

ok you got offended…well…do watcha want to…

I responded to your OP

Unless it is already possible and haven’t found how to…

armed with the info you gave, and you basically call me a troll, so indeed, I shall.

I explained to you that a simple usual “look at google”/“look in the manual”/“look in the preferences” etc are like troll answers basically. Simply CAUSE it DOESNT HELP !!!
If you know how to, say how to, if you dont know how to…dont say “look at…” cause its NOT HELPING AT ALL.

So I told you what was a troll answer, and you get offended like if I said “you re a fu***ng troll”…no man, I told you what it was, so you could not do it again to anybody (as its completly USELESS answer type).

Now like I said if ya wanna get offended, so be it… if ya wanna help people, come with a concrete help not a “search in google” type of help.

I don’t know, it took me 5 min. to find an answer using google.

OK, well, well done you’re the best, wow 5mn, did ya check the Guinness book to set your record officially?

sorry I’m in no “I have a bigger one than you” contest mind… so unless you can map the zoom like a pan (left/dezoom, right/zoom) and prove it, I’ll pass on your comment

do people in the streets answers you “u can find it in 5mn on Google maps” when you re asking your direction? or do they answer “I’ve already answer that before, bye”??

There is some information about what you are aiming for here:

I’m not aware of a simple way to have one encoder zoom both in and out, unless you can set the encoder to send different cc’s when turned in different directions… or by using NRPN as above or possibly emulating either on of the Steinberg CMC devices or the Mackie MCU (haven’t checked this)

… in other words, an easy way to set up a single encoder in the generic editor to both zoom in and out would be a user friendly addition (and a second setting for vertical zoom in/out), unless I am unaware of it already existing?

I saw when i googled my problem that most of the people talked about midi controller that can set a rotary to 2 CCs, each way.
As not many hardware can do it (my Nektar cant, or like said before tried and failed) I was opening that thread for a request, before people came to say unconstructive comments.
So yeah, Steinberg could had in generic remote to have the zoom controlled by a same CC but different value, exactly liek a pan. AND BOOM VOILA a very intuitive zoomin with a rotary.

But like I said to the 2 other people before, none of them showed (or proved with a link) that it could be done (without rare hardware)…

In fact, your Nektar does exactly what is needed, and the answer is in the link provided by stutter in the gearslutz thread.

In fact I asked for a simple feature inside cubase.
Thanks, just admit that it’s a feature request!!! (it seems I’m not the only one to find this not simple)
and stop telling its possible, if ya don’t explain how to (for that “nektar can”).
Please people stop coming with no help trying to help by just saying “yes you can do it, I won’t tell how, or help you… but you can”… that’s 1-frustrating and 2-still trolling with no help

I tried it (the gearslutz board) with an Akai MPD… it works.
But I need it on my Nektar Panorama, and when I tried exactly the same with the nektar, no luck, it wasnt working. I spent a lot of time trying, well unsucessfully!
I really don’t dig that NRPN protocol (and people saying “yes you can” but doesnt explain how, thats the worst frustrating comment (trolling?) people can ever do on forums… yes im mad against em lol)

So yeah Steinberg could do something to simplify that, and use some rotarys (or faders) like a pan.

Cause I always need to shut the **** up to people coming and say “yes you can” with no explanations but in fact YOU CANT and its official.
See the proof in the pic


Thanks to accept this as a request feature as even Nektar says its weird that Cubase works wlike this.
Im out, peace

In that case I owe you an apology.

Here’s the problem though, which makes this a “workaround” kind of thing, rather than a possible feature. For it to work dependably, it would require an endless rotary encoder, such as those used in the MCU implementation. (Mackie, Korg Nanokontrol 2 and Behringer BCF2000 do this), or one that can send two different messages, like the MPD. The endlessnees is achieved by the knob sending different messages depending on the direction it’s turned:
MCU does it like this:
CC16, value=1 for clockwise or
CC16, value=65 for counter clockwise.

If SB were to implement zoom in the same manner as pan, using regular encoders that go from 0-127, the problem will be that you end up at the end of the knob’s range, and even though the knob still turns, it no longer increments or decrements the value it’s sending.

They probably wouldn’t implement something like this, because it would appear incomplete i.e., not polished.

I did a quick search to see how other DAWs deal with this, and it appears Reaper, for one, has the same limitation.

Cubase does have the ability to zoom in and out with one control, but you have to buy their controller, or use a compatible controller, like an MCU or your Akai unit.

Do you happen to own Bome Midi Translator Pro? If you do, I wrote a script for you, attached, that will do what I described above, using CC#96. (with the limitation, of course) You would replace the outgoing action with two different CCs, one for each translator, and you would create a matching generic remote just for this. (852 Bytes)

Thanks, thats a proper reply (i mean a useful one).
I dont own any 3rd party apps that could help … i often saw another one on forums to configure mouse controls or to complement cubase’s options, but i dont like to have many 3rd app running (many reasons…1 is, im lazy, i will often forget to launch it etc…it ll annoy me lol)
As for other DAW behaving like cubase ,well i totally rely on you cause i dont own any other daw, so im just trying to use cubase, and come on this forum to see other users solutions (kinda). So yeah maybe other daws are limited too, i can understand why (you did explain it very well, and without your explaination, i wouldnt have thought bout that 0-127 limitation :wink: )

Now the thing that gets me mad, is having it properly done on Akai (and i confirm that ccontrolling knob to zoom is so natural to me)…but cant on my Nektar (i need it on it, but mostly i rage to not understand, well now with your explanation its more clear to me… i wish we started our convo like this, i never called you a troll…but im more used to “people to people” explanations than googling for hours, lurking some forums and those 100000000 messages etc, that i cant take those “look for yourself on internet” type of answers :smiley: :laughing: :smiley: :laughing: )
So what about that MCU? (i will try to check if my NektarP4 has it, i think not. Cause i tried a lot, and i didnt see any “value” type on the knob setup page of the nektar … Or i will eventually stop trying and only use it on my akai and mouse buttons macro)


PS: I asked NektarTech if they could do something for the harware to be able to zoom in/out with a knob (cause they have 2 buttons “<zoom” and “zoom>” but if you wanna zoom in full from a full zoom out, you gotta press the button like 10000000 times, you cant press it and keep it pressed… so its nice for adjusting zoom but not for big zoom in or out)

They told me that they opened a request…and will try to find a way to implement that hardware side.

Alors, chuis content d’etre amis de nouveau! Nektar doesn’t have MCU it. The cheapest thing is the Korg nanokontrol2, but it will always be a kludgy workaround compared to the akai.