controlling Cubase with I-pad

Anyone using v-control pro?

Looks beautifull, why doesn’t Steinberg have such an app?!

Anyway, I have an I-pad (3rd generation) and want to hook it up with my system (see signature)

Greetz Dylan.

You can also use Air display :sunglasses:

I prefer iDisplay.

I just bought DAW Remote HD a few days ago… it is cheaper than V-Control ($15 vs $50) and seems pretty powerful too. I haven’t really given it a serious try yet though, so I don’t know how it would compare to V-Control.

I have been using V-Control for a while now. It is one of the best investments I’ve made and I haven’t ever been disappointed with it. Download it and start using it’s really easy and works great on both my MAC and PC…I really like the the desktop remote feature on VControl so it works for more than just cubase :slight_smile: and it also allows you control VEP5 and plugs from ipad with seemingly no latency. For me saving money is great but having it working out of the box and never wondering about it, priceless lol

DAW Remote looks like a nice gui if you get it let us know how it works. Not sure if it has remote desk feature but the customize features look nice.

Haven’t tried the others but this one is the bomb!

Lemur for iPad so much more than just another DAW controler. As for V-Control try the demo\free version first as it did not work for me.

Everyone thanks for the great feedback.

Hey, Well I really don’t know if an Ipad controller will work for me, but this one is so cheap in comparison and you can customize it, wow thanks for that one Fesick!!

greetz Dylan.

I dug into the documentation for DAW Remote HD a little more. It uses the Mackie Control protocol to simulate a Mackie Control unit ($1100 piece of hardware). Well, the primary screen does anyway. DAW Remote also has 2 additional screens pre-configured for Cubase for focused controls (less crammed than the primary screen). Plus you can add more screens yourself or create your own complete control surface templates. It comes with templates for other DAWs as well. It did require installing rtpMIDI (, which is a WIFI MIDI driver. Overall, the installation and getting it to work was pretty painless.

The day after I installed and configured Cubase to use it, I noticed some strange things in Cubase… some of the tracks in my project window had a thin grey stripe shown between the colored track number area and the track buttons. The same track number backgrounds in the mixer were also a lighter grey color than the rest of the tracks. Come to find out, it was always the top 8 tracks (8 left most tracks in the mixer) when I started moving tracks around. Eventually I figured out that this is how Cubase identifies which tracks are currently under control within the Mackie Control. As you move to different channels/banks, those identifiers move in Cubase. I’ve never used an external controller, so that was new to me.

If you want to see how DAW Remote should work with Cubase, review the Mackie Control section of the Remote Control Devices PDF that comes with Cubase. You’ll see how DAW Remote mirrors a similiar layout and functionality. I’m not sure if other DAW control apps like V-Control use the same protocol or not.

The Remote View (V-Window) function in V-Control looks pretty slick. I might consider getting that down the road if I ever need more control from the iPad. That’s assuming I even like using an external control surface, but for $15 it was worth me looking into.

I have a Novation controller and the cubase mixer also get (white) stripes so you can see wich bank is selected.
So that is how it usually works I think.

I like my Novation controller to control my synths etc. and the quick controls of Cubase.
What I miss is level control and transport control while composing.
I think in the mixing stage I still rather use the mouse.

I will give the $15,- a try, not a real risk I am taking. And I like the idea to control my mix a bit while I lie down on my sofa after a long session.

Greetz Dylan.

These guys Lemur template are pretty nice…

You will really change your mind after messing with ipad. I started using Presonus’s app for the 1818 and 16.4.2 and never looked back (I’ve since did away with presonus hardware though). It’s perfect when I want to go into another room and record, or not have to break away from controller when I’m doing keys. Or for that matter look at the monitor to set up a punch. Its sorta like the old days moving multiple fader at once…The remote desktop thing just kills to.

Let us know how you like the $15 DAW remote, it looks slick especially if you can use to, mute effect…adjust eq and effect send levels.

lemur is great you can do everything with : mackie control / generic remote etc… i’ve it & made a “super controler” to control Cubase & 3 other computers with the same template :
ArtsUnmuted QB + 3x Mackie MCU + 2x Generic remote & a shortcut page !
All in the same template ! very powerful & Open !

I use V-control pro and it’s great for mixing, as well as displaying and controlling the plugins window on the iPad. Great piece of software, it still amazes me after using it for several months now.

I also use Touchosc to control the quick controls.

These work fairly well, the wireless use is a great thing and there’s no fader noise (which was really annoying with my previous BCF 2000).

But with Touchosc when i record automation in touch mode, there is an unwanted delay of one second when i release the finger, it doesn’t go to the previous value as quick as it should. i had the same problem with my previous Novation Nocturn controller.

Also, when using mackie emulation controllers like v-control pro, when you select a channel on cubase mixer, you need to scroll on the controller to find your channel, it doesn’t show up automatically like with Logic or Protools, this is due to poor implementation of the Mackie protocol in Cubase, I had the same problem with my BCF 2000 in Mackie mode.

I always find using a controller with Cubase, whether hardware or software, somewhat cumbersome, due to these limitations, so I’m not going to buy a hardware controller anytime soon. For now v-control pro and touchosc do the trick for me, and it’s affordable comparing to the price of a hardware controller (assuming you already have an ipad).

okay, downloaded the app,

it came with a very clear manual, I had to install a virtualmidi thing on my PC, launched it, Activate the Wifimid, selected Mackie HUI…done!

And it works great, even better then automap imo. Graphics on the Ipad 3rd generation are simply stunning, latency over my network is 0, overall I am impressed by this 11.99 (euro that is) app, I thought it was difficult to set up but it was really easy. I have no Wifi on my pc but because it’s wired to a router it’s already in a network, didn’t know that.

Anyway, this is a nobrainer.

Greetz Dylan.

Cool gonna try it also. Its all about easy and not interrupting work to fix your computers lol Have you tried setting up punches from it?

If you’re doing basic transport controlling, then any of the solutions available on the iPad (and Android devices) will get the job done. But for audio FX and VSTi remote control, nothing beats V-Control Pro. There’s no custom template to mess with because you’re controlling the actual plugin, exactly as you see it on your computer screen, with your fingers directly from your iPad. It’s pretty awesome!

I’m also considering getting TouchOSC only because the RME UCX supports this app and that will enable me to control Total Mix as well. Gotta love technology!


The desktop and plugin control is pretty much the only thing I like about vcontrol. A issue I come across with it though is my monitor has a huge resolution and you can’t freely move around the desktop/app window. I had to buy a new video card to even use it due to fact that bit depth has to be 24bit (I think). I know it has to be something exactly or the window gui is all screwed up. Arts unmuted is so much deeper and a better deal if you ask me, but I do already have 24 physical faders.

In my opinion and experience, controling of Cubase (or any computer application) is very un-efctive, un-logical, and un-ergonomic. If you have classical hardware controller, you can touch all controllers, and you don’t need to look on it. If you have virtual controllers, you have to switch your eyes from your LCD monitor to the iPad and back. This is quite long process, and you can’t focus on your job. If you have HW controller, you can find all by hand only, and by 100% focused on your music.


I rarely use punches, even with recording one vocaltrack I use more tracks and comp them afterwards.
I will give it a go and report back, but that will be after the weekend :slight_smile: