controlling Cubase with I-pad

Me too, Lemur is truly amazing.

So, forget on iPad and any virtual controllers. Using HW controllers is much more better.

So, forget on iPad and any virtual controllers. Using HW controllers is much more better.

Well thank you Martin for your input but this thread is about comparing Ipad controllers not Hardware Vs Touchscreen. Why not start your own thread to discuss that?

Back on topic please.

I know, this is about iPad apps comparation. But if someone compare two non-effective methods, it’s good, if someone writes, there is different one method, which is effective.

I tried lots of virtual DAW on iPad. V-Control is good for me, because it is very close to HW controllers, and there is screen sharing. This could solve the problem with eye switching. But Pad is very small for working on it. Lemur is good, as universal, and customisible controller. But it is not nice controller for me.

I tried to use touch screen LCD too. But I found, shortcuts, and trackball is much more faster and ergonomic.

This is my point: there is no great iPad app for this. There are better HW devices, than iPad is, for this type of work.

Totally disagree, my custom Lemur template (for Cubase and RME Totalmix) is FAR better than any hardware controller I’ve ever had (and I’ve had quite a few).

For me, the issue is remote control. I have a dedicated vocal booth for recording acoustic instruments and vocals. I usually engineer for myself, so an iPad app is brilliant for stacking my own vocals or guitars.

The only app I have, however, is the AC -7, which would be fine if it worked graphically . In my wifi setup, my booth is about 20 feet from my computer, and when I press record on the AC -7, it does indeed go into record, but the red light does not stay lit. It flashed red when you touch it, but then does not stay lit up. There are other little graphic oddities as well.

Is anyon using v- control in that way, and are you finding it to be graphically stable if so?

Vcontrol is stable. You may want to look at steinberg’s app for control. It is free. Fyi, you can kinda multitask on an Olaf by double clicking the bottom center button and switch back and forth betrwwn apps.

I don’t know what an OLaf is, but my problem with the Steinberg app is that you can’t switch tracks. It would be fine for recording a single track, like a lead vocal, but I don’t believe it can arm the next tracks for harmonies.


Olaf is an android phone’s auto-correct for ipad. :laughing:

Currently I own Touch Daw for my ICS tablet as Cubase couch controller (very happy with it for <€10,- it offers a whole lot easyness).

Now I’m looking for a nice remote for my Ipad too. I tried V-Control, it looks slick, feels okay, but I’m not convinced enough to draw my wallet yet (Dutch :wink:).

So I looked a little further.

Lemur looked nice for a long winter evening. For now I want to use it out of the (virtual)box without to much hassle. So I let that one pass for now. Or am I wrong?

So still I have a few other options, like AC-7, DAW Remote, Touch OSC and Pro Remote.
The server for the last one, unfortunatly isn’t released for Windows 7 64bit yet. And Cubase isn’t officialy supported (yet). But the thing from Pro Remote I really like is, you can see 16 channels at the time.
Did anyone came across an Ipad app with the same 16 channel capability?

And did anyone who used or is using V-Control tested the other three (AC-7, DAW Remote, Touch OSC). And what is your favorite?
Or did I forgot one?

A few question for the V-Control pro users. How does editing insert VST’s and Cubase’s stock EQ feel?
Is it workable or does one eventually tend to grab the mouse for the more precise jobs? (Something I keep doing, no matter what hard or software controller I use).

Thanks in advance!

To be honest, istardet the thread and i used daw remote, and i dont like it, when its up and running i just keep grabbing my mouse, i have to force myself to use the ipad…mostly i just forget it in thr workflow.

For me now, its not more then a neat novelty.

What i really would like though is just a simplenscreen with customizable buttons where i can attach keycommands to because my qwerty is al used up and i dont like the shift alt ctrl combis.

Greetz dylan.

Exactly, as Sir Dancelot says.

Try KeyPad Pro (or Light) app. This is not exactly, what I’m looking for, but it is quite close.

In fact, it will be nice, if I can use iPad se touch screen of Avid Artist Control. :wink:

I’m using second one HW keyboard, which trigger my macros, and shotcut. For triggering, I’m using QuicKeys application. But this one is Mac only, and not longer developed. :-/ Problem of this is, I have to remember my shortcuts anyway.

Optimus Maximus, or something similar, will be ideal, in my opinion. But this is really very expensive. And few problems here – keyboard doesn’t have standard-size keys, for example. :-/

That’s very recognizable. Whether I use a hardware controller or a tablet. In the production process 9 out of 10 times my hand is on the mouse already, so reaching out to a secondary input device is an extra action, so I don’t bother.

But what I DO like is to turn of the screens and take the tablet on my lap, roll to my monitor’s sweetspot and adjust the levels and a little EQ of the final mix when necessary.

Also for checking and adjusting the mix on the live end of the room, these wireless solutions are a great addition.

For this kind of use the +/- €5,- for Touch Daw was a no brainer, especially because you also get drum pads, X/Y controller and a keyboard on top of the Mackie HUI.
The >€30,- for V-Control need to add a little more functionality to my workflow in my opinion.
That’s why I’m interested in how people integrate a tool like V-Control.

I could stay with Touch Daw of course because it’s everything I need. But I bought the Ipad exclusively for music, so it will always be around the DAW.

Who needs apps? I have one of these:

It has a 5 foot cable which is more than long enough for my needs.

Unfortunately, you have to remember, which numer is which Macro/function.

I wrote the macros, so this isn’t a problem for me.

Not only that, but if I accidentally drop something on it (and I have) I don’t have to worry about a shattered screen. :wink:

I use a Logitech G13

Going off topic here, but how is it? I’ve been eyeballing that device for the past few months. Almost pulled the trigger on it a couple times, but without any hands on experience I backed out at the last second when I had it in my Newegg cart.

I went for V-Control Pro.
When I compare it with Touch Daw I can say: When you own an Android tablet there’s no reason to hop over to IOS solely for a DAW controller.
They are both just as functional and good.

The V-Window in V-Control is nice, but not really the perfect solution yet when your DAW monitor works at a higher resolution. Because you need to slide it around to every area you want to see. And because of the fact you can’t slide and edit at the time it’s a workflow breaker.
When you work with a lot of on-top screens it will be easier because you can select that single screen. For me that’s not the case.

What I do like about V-Control over Touch Daw are the longer faders. It does feel less twiddly.
Needless to say, I don’t like the price-tag for what you get. Compared to Touch Daw it’s too expensive.

All in all, Touch Daw & V-Control are a worthy substitute for my Alphatrack hardware fader.

A few observations. It is obviously set up for gaming. So, everything about the configuration software… is geared to games.

It only works with key commands. So, Cubase does not see the 22 keys. You assign a key shortcut to a function and then assign that key shortcut (e.g. ctrl+alt+I) to one of the macro keys on the G13.

So, the real advantage is to put really crazy key combos that you wouldn’t normally use to a group of functions that do a single purpose like zoom control. You can have 3 sets of 22 commands. I use the first set for locator control, the second set for zoom control and the final set for Cubase macros which for me are primarly for exporting under various conditions.

It functions really well. Just remember it is for gaming.