controlling Cubase with I-pad

Heeeeeey, thanks for that tip, I just installed keypad pro plus, this could well be the thing I am after!!
I’ll keep you posted how it works out.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks for the info, JMC. :sunglasses:

Some questions please:

  1. I have a PC running XP … would remote control with an iPad be possible?

  2. What is the distance range of control with an iPad, etc.? Currently have a BCF2000 which is OK, I don’t own an iPad. So the improvement over my current system would have to be significant for me to spend the $$ on the iPad. The only game-changing thing I can think of would be if the range allowed me to control it from the next room. Currently, I have to hit record, run to the next room, slap on the phones and get in position to sing in before the overdub point starts. Would be sweet if I could hit “Record” from the next room!

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Depends on your WiFi network range.

I highly doubt the improvement would be significant enough to justify the pricetag compared to the BFC2000.

There are cheaper solutions for that (e.g. Frontier Design’s tranzport, cheap Android phone/tablet)

Thanks for that, Niles, I’ll look around for things my Android phone might help with. To be honest, although it wouldn’t hurt to have more, right now the ability to simply hit Play/Record remotely would be very nice.

You could try TouchDAW free in combination with rtpMIDI on the PC side.

Thanks, Niles! Took a look - should do the trick.

That’s why I like the Saitek unit I have - it is indeed made for gaming but I can not only assign each button to an individual key but I can also assign an entire macro of keystrokes to a single button. So I programmed keys 12, 13, and 14 to be Record, Stop+Stop, and Undo respectively. It makes recording easy. Plus the thumb-sized joystick plus buttons 16 and 15 make a great mouse + mouse buttons 1 and 2. You can control the sensitivity of the mouse so you don’t go zooming all over the damn place. Etc.

Yes, you can do macros for the G13 as well, exactly like you describe. However, I found it far easier to build them in cubase and assign a key command to the macro, then assign the key command to the G13. But, if you are short on key command combinations, there is nothing stopping you from building the same macro. You can even build in delays, add javascript, do conditional continuation etc…

The G13 is very powerful. It is just that all the software is clearly geared to rolling through ammo inventory.

I use a program called “Midi Translator”
It’s very useful for converting midi commands to other midi commands but it can also use convert keystrokes to midi commands and vice versa. Very powerful…

I have the same components you’re asking about. As mentioned the Ipad controllers work with XP. The wi-fi strength determines the range. For me ,my studio is adjacent to my living room and with the free Cubase IC controller , I can start and stop the studio PC and play along with tracks while watching football. You could record also with the free Cubase app.I love this!

I haven’t found a mixer app that is better than the BCF so far but I haven’t looked that hard.V Control free seemed too slow for me. I certainly don’t think the cost of an Ipad is worth it if you just want a remote app unless you can find one well under $300. I would look at the Android world first.

Hello Sir Dancelot,

How are you satisfied with the KeyPad Pro? Tomorrow, I found FullControl App. It’s not like DAW controller, this is more like Remote controller of computer, same as KeyPad pro. If you are interested in, you can try it. Lite version is free. Looks quite handy.