Convert Dotted Eighth Sixteenth-> straight eighths. Is this possible in Dorico

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 12.07.34
a long time ago…in a lifetime far away…I wrote some musical theatre pieces. I don’t think (human playback) swing option was avail in the original finale app in which the above piece was written (at least I don’t recall) . In old school p/v if it were meant to swing it was written dotted eighth sixteenth, and that’s the way it was jotted down.

The query i posit is thus;
So now in Dorico how do what I could do in Finale with one of JW’s plugins, which would be to convert en mass the. entire flow. Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know, i don’t know…

and no i don’t wan’t to xml back to finale and then back again.

----update----and while I’m at it how do you change the color of the measure numbers (in screenshot) from grey to say black?

You probably can’t leap this problem in a single bound, but to convert a passage of dotted 8 16s:

  1. select it
  2. engage insert mode (I)
  3. hit 4 (converts all notes to 16ths) then 5 (converts all notes to 8ths).
  4. disengage insert mode (I)

This only fails if you include, for example, the odd crotchet or tuplet in your selection.

(You cannot change the colour of the bar numbers shown in galley mode)


You don’t actually need to hit 4 before 5. Insert mode lets you make them all regular eighths in a row at once, as Lillie said last year. (This was also asked & answered 3 weeks ago.)