Convert view of a pitched 5-line staff to a single line staff?

Is there a way to take a 5-line pitched staff and convert it to display as a single-line staff, while still maintaining its midi note value? For example:

The second staff allows me to select the perfect sample in my library (for playback purposes only). But then for the final actual score presented to players, I would want it to be presented as a single line staff similar to the first one.

I have arrived at this workflow after a long and arduous journey doing complex percussion maps and convoluted hidden playing techniques and percussion kits, only to switch a patch or library and have to do all that mapping over again each and every time. Using a pitched staff, I find, makes the process of finding the exact sample I want for playback totally immediate and frees me up to focus on the music. (As it stands, the current Percussion Mapping method in Dorico does not work very well for alternate recorded samples of the same instrument and articulation, so it’s a ton of technical back-end work for little reward.)

But obviously for presentation purposes I wouldn’t want to show suspended cymbal on a pitched staff. The manual option would be to copy and paste the final notes to the normal unpitched suspended cymbal staff, and then delete or hide the pitched one from setup. This is doable, but I was wondering if there is an even faster and simpler solution where you could select a pitched staff and choose to display it as a single-line percussion, without losing the midi note value (and maybe convert back the other way should you need to change notes again)?

Does this do the trick?

This is on a per-Layout basis.

No, I actually use that all the time for drum kits, which that feature addresses. The issue here is that I technically need pitched staves for each individual instrument. It’s unusual from a score perspective since it is only to cheat playback, but hoping there could be a way.

Sorry - I completely understand now.