Copy and Paste shortcut not working as well as H button

After updating to the new Dorico version, some of my keyboard shortcuts are not working anymore. Is anyone else having this issue? How should I fix copy and paste and the Handtool shortcut?

I reset key commands back to factory settings but they are still not working. I have also tried to revert back to an older version but now the download links will not work in any of my browsers.

Thanks a lot

There have been reports about these types of issues. Have you tried some suggestions in this thread?

It’s always a good idea to do a quick search before you post - there was already three threads about faulty key commands since the 4.3 release - it’s helpful to have everything in one place. :grinning:

Check out the earlier thread on this: “Some key commands quit working in Dorico 4.3” You’ll find a solution at the end. At leaet it worked for me!

The H shortcut in previous versions is now Alt+H by default, because we have assigned G and H to the new horizontal zoom commands for the Key Editor.

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