Copy/paste chord symbols

I have a score with chord symbols in the guitar part and I’d like to copy/paste them to the sax and flute parts. In the sax part, they show up as NC, and in the flute part they show up in a box, but when I print, they don’t appear. I’ve done a search for “chords” in the iPad manual, but nothing helpful seems to come up.

No need to copy/paste anything. Just choose which instruments to show chord symbols over in Player Setup.

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Chord symbols are essentially a system-attached item, meaning you only need to input them once but they can appear above multiple staves and in whichever layouts you like.

  • To change which staves chord symbols appear above, see here.
  • To change which layouts chord symbols appear in, see here.

I seem to recall there being an issue with how chord symbols appear in transposing layouts in the iPad version, which is probably the cause of your NC symbols.

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Thank you, Lillie and Janus. Now, however, the on screen view shows both the chord symbols in black, and the shadow chord symbols in green and white. It prints correctly, but those shadow chord symbols are annoying.

You can switch off the display of signposts in the View Options dialog.

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